New Bike Lane on 7th Street

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Is Petworth becoming a cyclists’ heaven? Lots of bike lanes going in – a few weeks ago it was 5th St. and now 7th St. Can 9th St. be far behind?

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  • Although we love to **** and moan about the City Gov, I have to give them credit for this – these lanes do make a huge difference, although some physical separation would of course be even better.

  • I just wish they would double or triple the number of DC bike cops riding around so that they could use these lanes and ticket the people that constantly drive in them, or park in them. Although I have seen cops chillin’ in their cars parked in these lanes as well…

  • Since they are going to the trouble to paint the lines, it’s too bad that they don’t take the opportunity to add indents or ridges to remind drivers to stay out of the lane. It’s not a true protective barrier, but it’s more substantial that paint.

  • It’s sort of ironic that they’re putting in all these bike lanes but in the reconstruction of the georgia/nh intersection, they left NO room for bikes at all. In fact, that intersection has gone from bad to a complete disaster. To get thru on a bike, you have to pull right into the middle of the traffic lane, and so many cars are trying to make illegal left turns from NH onto Georgia, or run the red light now, that I’m surprised that 20 people a day aren’t plowed down.

  • Amen GforGood- these help so much. Fenty and DC were recently featured in bicycling magazine.,6610,s-2-18-17073-1,00.html

    While dc is not as good as the best american cities that I have ridden in- Portland OR and Boulder CO- I feel like the past five years have gotten better and better. Thank you to all the courteous and patient drivers out there! Petworth is a great place to ride.

  • Jae, I actually suspect that was completely intentional. I.e. they are trying to “guide” bikers of Georgia Ave in general and that crossing in particular (as it is indeed hazardous for bikers) and into other streets (e.g. 7th).

  • It’s nice that the city is making an attempt to be more bike-friendly, but unless MPD starts enforcing traffic and parking laws, these lanes aren’t going to work as well as they could. They encourage drivers to assume that they own 9/10ths of the road, when in reality cyclists are entitled to ride in the middle of the lane if they damn well please (which is far safer than being relegated to a tiny lane or the sidewalk).

  • You’re right Boobhauer, MPD should start enforcing traffic laws – for instance, they could ticket cyclists who don’t stop at stop signs or red lights, make illegal turns, ride on sidewalks. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!?!?!?

  • In the interests of not starting the usual cyclist/driver circlejerk, sure, they can go ahead and ticket if they want, but the priority should be ticketing cars due to the greater danger those pose to pedestrians, cars, cyclists, scooter-goers, etc. When is the last time you heard of a cyclist causing a major accident.

    Also, going back, one of my major gripes is that motorists should be using the bike lanes as turning lanes (i.e. if you’re going right, merge into the bike lane before turning) in order to forestall t-boning a cyclist. Hitting someone on a right turn while the cyclist was continuing straight is one of the most common ways cyclists die. Not enforcing this in traffic circles with bike lanes i.e. Thomas Circle, is a recipe for more deaths.

  • Note its legal to ride on sidewalks except in the downtown Central Business District. See:

    Regulation 1201.9:

    There shall be no prohibition against any person riding a bicycle upon a sidewalk within the District, so long as the rider does not create a hazard; Provided, that no person shall ride a bicycle upon a sidewalk within the Centra1 Business District except on those sidewalks expressly designated by Order of the Mayor, nor shall any person ride e bicycle upon a sidewalk in any area outside of the Central Business District if it is expressly prohibited by Order of the Mayor and appropriate signs to such effect are posted.

  • GforGood–I had the same thought about no bike lanes in that intersection, but if I’m not mistaken, you can’t get through on 7th–it’s one way going up. I bike home that way sometimes, but that leaves the big problem of getting downtown. Now I take Kansas over to 13th and sort of zigzag that way, but it cuts off all access to Yoga House, Looking Glass Lounge, etc.

    In terms of ticketing cars in the bike lanes–I’m all for it!!! They could take a few minutes to clean up the glass and debris in the bike lanes as well.

  • It’s legal but hardly safer. Another major area of car-cyclist accidents occurs when cyclists ride on sidewalks but aren’t easily seen by turning cars. The best area to be is in the middle of the street.

  • I know it’s boring to be positive, but I was out for 40 plus miles today biking through Petworth, down into rock creek, etc. No bad encounters to be had, just patient and courteous drivers who gave me plenty of room.

    I am grateful to all the drivers out there who respect my place on the road. I do my best to be clear about where I’m going (hand signals, eye contact with drivers, etc). There is absolutely no way an accident between a two ton car and 200 pound me on a twenty pound bicycle is going to turn out well. I try to ride with that in mind, and I am eternally thankful for the drivers who drive with the same mindset.

    Ps- looks like Kansas Ave is getting some more bike lanes- from Sherman Circle all the way to Blair Road.

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