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DSCN2553, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Here’s the mural that folks were talking about yesterday (from the garden of the day post).

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  • That at 16th and P, right?

  • Yup – my current favorite DC mural. I love the Wizard of OZ theme, but why the word “Humanity” is written across the towers of the Emerald City is a bit of a head-scratcher. Then again, a lot of murals are head-scratchers…

  • I wanna check this out in person. What metro/subway stop is this near?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Dupont Circle probably.

  • This reply is a little late, but I figured I’d shed a little light since I was one of the people that painted this.

    That wall is known in the DC graff community as the “Humanity Wall”. It was originally painted in the early 90s by MESK, CYCLE and SMK. The owners at Luna wanted to update the wall since, it had faded, chipped away and had been written over. This was around 99-2000 I think? At the same time Roger Gastman was publishing his book, “Free Agents: A History of Washington, D.C. Graffiti”. (The book has photos of what the wall originally looked like).

    So it was redone with a bunch of the graffiti writers from the book, including CYCLE. The owners wanted to keep the old Humanity letters from the original production, so they were touched up. The Wizard of Oz theme kinda played off of humanity, since the non-human characters were searching for elements that made them human; heart, brain, courage, etc…

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