More Potential Good News From The Art World

DupontUnderground_AppealPacket_Press, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I received the following press release for a proposal to open up the underground space around Dupont Circle as an art space:

“WASHINGTON, DC‐‐ The Arts Coalition for Dupont Underground announces a campaign to re‐open the Dupont Underground as an exhibition and event space for the arts community. A consortium of galleries and arts organizations, the Arts Coalition for Dupont Underground, is seeking a long‐term lease from the city and funding from a variety of sources to re‐condition the old station and its tunnels as an exciting new addition to a constellation of galleries in the District. Uniquely sized and centrally located, the new space is large enough to accommodate up to 3000 people and will provide a critical new social space to catalyze efforts to revive the Dupont Circle area and put the District back on the cultural map of the nation.”

The concept image, above, looks good, yeah?

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  • I used to visit the old Dupont Underground and there were homeless people in an enclosed space. It smelled bad and I left.

  • I’ve been there too Neener and yeah the picture looks nice but why go down into dark, claustrophobic tunnel when you have glorious Dupont Circle above you. Please let’s not pour our tax money down this rat hole again.

    BTW…per the press release

    “to catalyze efforts to revive the Dupont Circle area…”


    Dupont Circle needs to be revived???

  • um yeah… revive dupont? you know, scary old crumbing dupont with all those abandoned buildings and crack houses?

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