More Debate Watching Options

In addition to Red Derby and the other places mentioned last week, Red Rocks (11th and Park) is also hosting a party.

RedRocks is planning on hosting debate watching parties on 10/2, 10/7, and 10/15.

Hmm, I received the dates in an email but I assume they are hosting a party tonight as well. I guess it’ll be moot if McCain doesn’t show up tomorrow…

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  • So who won? In my view Obama did not do that well – getting almost into AlGorean professor mode listing details of his great proposals that make people yawn, letting McCain talk on top of him, not insisting he has to have his and instead “ok, let’s move on to the next point since the moderator asks me too” with a stupid grin on top, going round and round in circles explaining that he would save $10b here and there to pay for the $700b..

    Not that McCain did that much better but at least he had nasty stinger sound bites (as usual probably mostly incorrect) to throw at Obama on his woting record or non-trips to crisis areas etc. (who had almost nothing to throw back at him – ADVISERS, HELLO!!!).

  • i’m not sure i see it as a who won and who lost. i see it more of a who was i origionally thinking of voting for and has the other candidate made me second guess that choice. for me – no.

  • Great turn-out @ the Derby last night for the Debate…

  • Busboys & Poets is showing all of the debates at all 3 locations (there’s a new one at 5th and K). I planned to watch there last night but with the rain ended up just going to a friends house.

  • New Hampy, of course, I expect most readers here to have a clear view prior to debates. However, there are ton of undecided and go-with-the-wind etc. voters out there, and I was more asking from those kind of voters point of view – who came out stronger? My take is that neither one of them totalled the other, but I sure wish the grinning Obama had done stronger. If he doesn’t improve, there is a risk that the democrat amazinly yet again manage to lose an election that is supposedly a slam dunk. Then again, I have high hopes for that Palin woman’s performance on the vice presidential debate – tune up your TiVos folks – if we are lucky that might really be one to keep and keep playing over and over for generations to come! 😀

  • Who won? All I know is that I lost. I left home to drink beers so I wouldnt have to watch the debates and every bar i went to was playing the debates. chief ikes, reef (inside and roof). seriously, i know who i am going to vote for, the question should be does anyone know of bar that is not showing debates?

  • saf

    MZ – we had that problem too.

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