“Mom! The Pickled Egg Man Is Here!”

DSCN2302, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I was a half a second too slow on the trigger here but you can sort of see on the leftmost window there are two jars filled with pickled eggs. Mmm, pickled eggs and ice cream… welcome to the beautiful life.

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  • I’m from Pennsylvania and pickled eggs are one of those gross nostalgia foods that I seek out. Good thing I got my fill at the Hoss’ salad bar this weekend or I’d be looking for this truck!

  • A little somethin’ for the low carb dieters!

  • I’m from PA as well. All of our bars had pickled eggs available. I am not sure who ate them as I never saw anyone actually consume a purple egg, so one has to wonder how old the eggs were in the gallon jar! Yuk

  • Note the ice cream truck in my hood has crew graffiti scrawled all over it. RHC 4 LIFE! WHUT WHUT!

  • If I am not mistaken, I spotted a scene in the Lady’s Man movie that pitted the Ladies’ Man aginst some manicured-nails dude in a pickled food battle.

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