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I think I have shown this building in a much earlier iteration. But it looks nearly completed now. So what do you think thumbs up or down? Also this is a new construction and you can see that one side has windows and one doesn’t, so what’s up with that? Why would they do that if it is new construction?


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  • Wow, awful… At least it’s made of brick and not cardboard with vinyl siding?

    I think the reason they didn’t put windows is because there’s an unbuilt lot next to it, but still, me thinks they may just be cheap (or incompetent).

  • First of all—heinous heinous heinous.

    Second of all; I was asking my architect friend why there are so many frigging tall buildings in this town with one side devoid of any windows whatsoever (i.e., this building, the Floridian, one on V street, one on 11th, etc).

    Answer? Zoning law prohibits inclusion of windows on the side of any building that has less than a 3 foot setback from the neighboring property line. So above, the side that overlooks a wide drive way is chock-full-o-windows, whereas the opposite side which basically abuts the neighboring property is not allowed any windows unless the developer pushes the building three feet back. And what money maximizing developer is gonna do that?

  • Man that’s one of the ugliest buildings I’ve ever seen. Wow. Where is it?

  • Agree, this is an ugly building. It looks like an institution…one that would have been built in the mid 20th century.

  • Ugh. Are they going to try and sell this or is someone building this a a rental situation? If they are going to sell it then I hope the price is so low that the buy has to overlook the obvious ugliness to get a property they can afford.

    The teeny tiny windows on the side of the front jut-out are stupid, as is the lack of windows on the front brick of the building.

  • They should paint the brick.

  • I’d like to hire the developer who created this abomination just to fire him. Then I would hire him again and fire him the second time just to make sure he gets it.

  • I really like the (wood?) siding on the front, but the brick is just completely terrible. Utter failure.

    Buildings like this have so little character, because, as MarcoPolo mentioned, developers like to maximize the dollars per square foot, and don’t want to incorporate any negative space into a property. Interesting floor plans, staggered floors, porches decks and balconies make a building more interesting and actually increase it’s perceived value.

    As to the windows, yeah, they could have set it three feet back and put some in, but then if they put in a building next door later, you’re looking across three feet into someone else’s window. I think it’s better to build to the edge of the lot and lose the windows. But I am a rowhouse fan as well.

  • man, you guys are hard to please! look, it filled up the empty block, AND it’s mostly brick with a bit of detail that a lot of new brick homes (if you can find ’em) don’t have. at least the siding is wood, and not vinyl. it could be a heckuva lot worse.

    my only gripe is the lack of windows on the right hand side of the front of the buildling. what’s up with that? maybe they’re bathrooms?

  • The front is incredibly ugly — if they wanted to have the windows extend out in front they should have put in bay windows or some little balcony type space instead.

  • love it love it love it love. very cool.

  • i think the mix of materials is interesting. and i’m happy to see an existing building be re-used instead of just being torn down.

    there’s way too many architect snobs on this site!

  • I walk by this everyday going to the metro. This is on S St, b/t 6th and 7th, less than a block to Shaw metro. I like that they put in a slew of windows on the side — I usually expect cheap developers to skimp on that. The blank side makes sense given what someone else wrote about building regs in DC, plus I think that side is mainly the stairwell for the condos.

    I too am intrigued by the mix of materials, but would have loved this building if they’d put in balconies (and not those puny Romeo and Juliet ones). I’m pretty sure this is an entirely new construction, not a renovation of an old brick building, but I could be wrong. I would definitely check it out once it’s on the market.

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