Judging New Construction


I thought these were an interesting pair of buildings. What do you think of the third floor extension on the building to the right? Do you think the buildings compliment each other? Overall thumbs up or down?  I kind of like the stone on the building to the left…

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  • I think thumbs up, all around. Though isn’t that a fourth floor on the right? And the new construction (at least from the pic) looks interesting but not jarring in its context.

  • Not bad. And again, I doubt anybody looks up as much you do so some of the pop ups that may not look that great may also not cath anybody’s attention in reality. 🙂

  • I live across the street from these buildings. I like the one on the left. Ok, except for the cheap-ass self-stick street numbers they put above the front door. (hard to see in this picture) The construction on the right looks like it will be nice, but it seems endless. I think a dumpster has been in front of the building for nearly 2 years. Good grief.

  • The building on the right has been a construction mess for nearly five years. It has never looked better, so I don’t mind the 4th floor. The building the left is a bland, lacks creative jive and “booneeria.” Otherwise, not bad, just glad it ain’t the ghetto.

  • I actually believe that the “NOW SELLING!” banner across the top of your blog is more offensive than this building or most of the other buildings and other pix tou ask us to judge. It was a bit disarming to see that enormous and horrific ad splayed underneath the lovely pic of Grant Circle.

  • the building on the left is absolutely terrible. its so f-cking ugly. the 4th floor of the building on the right is terrible too. vinyl siding with brick, please that is for the cheap ass suburbs.

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