Judging New Buildings


This building is located on the 1400 block of Chapin Street. Clearly it has a cool roof deck but do you think the style of the building is cool?

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  • Kind of like a public high school circa 1987 topped with Tetris pieces. No thanks.

  • I was going to say, it looks just like my junior high school.

  • why are there so many of these same style buildings popping up all over dc?

    they’re seriously, FUGLY. but, at least they’re driving up the price of my 1890 all brick rowhouse.

    you take a look at the crap in this picture, and suddenly, you don’t mind paying a bit more for some real architecture.

    god that thing is fugly as all hell. cheap, cheap, cheap. oh, and did i mention that it’s fugly???

  • Don’t like it – too standard, generic, nowadays. will look even worse in the future.

  • Looks institutional to me!

  • asymetric hospital confusion chic

  • A friend of mine has a unit in this building. The lobby is very nice, the units are well put together and have big, huge windows. Oh, and you are right, the roof decks are absolutely amazing. Views are far better than you imagine.

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