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This is the nearly completed project on 12th and U called the Moderno. I think it looks pretty good. I’m wondering if there will be any retail on the first floor? What do you think thumbs up or down?

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  • Thumbs up, better than a vacant lot. Hopefully, they are doing well on sales.

    What’s the story with the building on the corner of 9th and U that has been sitting boarded up for years? For the most part, a majority of that block is vacant and boarded up. Anyone know if there are plans to revitalize that general area?

  • Dorky name. The building itself will be dated by next week. Objectively, though, I don’t hate it. There are a lot of too-cool modern buildings in that area, like that weird fishbowl house and its random balconies on W Street. So in that sense, perhaps the Moderno fits in.

  • I think it’s interesting how the plans must have changed a bit since it does look a bit “less nice” than the posters and ads of the building look; especially the ground floor. In the banners, the ground floor has much higher ceilings than the actual building does. I wonder if they cut back the budget a bit.

  • The building is better than a vacant lot, and not as awful as the Lincoln condo on the other side of U Street, but it is fairly dull. It doesn’t match well with the other residential buildings on that block of 12th St. (which, while a mishmash, are mainly Victorian or faux-Victorian), or with the commercial architecture on adjacent U Street, but it also does not stand out like some of the exuberant new construction on 11th Street between U and Florida. All in all, a mundane disappointment.

  • I like it, but agree that the name “Moderno” will seem idiotic in 5…nay, 0 years .

  • Yeah, what is the deal with those buildings near the 9:30 Club on the corner of U and 9th? I can’t understand why the owner would just want to let them sit vacant. Maybe that would have been a better location for the Moderno.

  • I think it looked quite a bit cooler on the website….some of the units are supposed to have hottubs on the private decks though…that’s pretty unique for the area..and an awesome feature.

    Anything is better than the “Lincoln” on the other side of U Street. That building looks like a mid-rise nursing home.

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