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  • beautiful 🙂 i love traveling down 11th to see the houses between columbia heights and U st

  • Huge thumbs up to big windows and balconies.

  • haha, new Hampy, I was just about to write the same thing… love it.

  • I’m generally opposed to the whole boxy thing that is so popular with new development, but I like this one, probably because of the balconies and windows, but also ’cause it’s not too big.

  • Well the architecture isn’t wow isn’t it fabulous! But it is nice because it is subtle. It’s height matches the neighbors and because almost looks like 2 buildings, one with the balconies (that are decent sized) and one with the brick/windows. It doesn’t scream “LOOK AT ME!”

  • I like this building a lot from the exterior. But I considered buying a place inside and I felt that the interior did not meet the same standards. Moreoever, with an all glass living space, it requires a lot of creativity in furnishing and decorating. Still, do love all the glass / light, and it looks great on that block.

  • Love it, looks great!

  • subtle, tasteful, small. love it. (and it doesnt have one of those big “condo halos” on top)

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