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Previously a reader had asked if I had ever posted this building. Gosh, I’m so drunk tired, I can’t even remember the name of this building just north of the zoo on Connecticut Ave. Lord, I’m getting old. Anyway, after the jump see if you can distinguish which is the new wing and which is the old wing. Does anyone know why there was only one wing built for so long? Ed. note:  There is a possibility I’m so drunk tired I may not have posted the original wing…looks pretty good though, yeah?  Wings after the jump.



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  • this is the Kennedy Warren

    the bottom picture i would say is the new wing

    i used to liver there, but once they finished the new wing they should they could turn the whole thing into a super luxury place. back when i was still living there studios in the new wings started at $1600. the old wing was reasonably priced, but then three years ago they started renovations in the old wings and said they would increase rents (by as much as $600) because of those renovations.

  • The Kennedy Warren

  • Construction on the KW went on hiatus due to the Depression, and they only got around to finishing it a few years ago. I don’t have my references handy, so can’t tell you more, but it’s a cool building and well worth a look inside if you get a chance.

  • They have an awesome Deco ballroom that can be rented for weddings etc.

  • Uh, yeah, bartender, I’ll have whatever this PoP fellow is drinking…

  • a very dear friend of mine used to live there. the apartments are AMAZING. large and lots of detail. they have a huge gym, and a wicked sauna. AND they have amazingly professional “doormen”. i love that place. it’s *right* next to the zoo, and the metro. it’s one of the most incredible grouping of abodes in dc, and definitely worth the price.

    i think clinton’s mom is living there too…..

  • OH, and the rooftop views are a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

    they have a phenomenal party area on the rooftop, and the views are STUNNING.

    god i love that building.

    thanks for letting me hang out there, julie!

  • Heh, if Clinton’s mom lives there, it can’t be half bad. Unless Billy Boy has a crudge against her.

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