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This is the Whitman located at 910 M Street near the convention center. There are some spectacular details. Thumbs up or down?

More photos after the jump.

Looks like there is a sweet roof deck:


Cool windows and detail:


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  • My boyfriend always says it reminds him of the Cheesecake Factory..I tend to agree…..it’s somewhat different for DC-its pretty nice inside and it’s oneof the few new condos where they had the sense to put a pool on the roof.

  • Yeah I’ve been inside this building lots of times…it’s an odd mix of very cool and modern inside and very suburban and cheesy looking outside.

  • i really like it — kind of perks up the neighborhood a little. doesn’t take itself too seeriously, but also is crafted in a quality way and feels very solid.

  • Have you read their blog? I don’t know the url off the top of my head, but the guy who writes it is constantly complaining about nothing, its hilarious.

  • Hey, that’s my building! It’s pretty nice. It has a sweet roofdeck with a pool, grills, furniture, and outdoor showers. As you can see in the photos there is a terrace level just above the sixth floor. Those are all private for some sweet condos on the front – some of which are two stories with 3 bedrooms. Still, as much as I like the building it has some very suburban qualities such as Muzak in the lobby, underground parking for every unit, and a bunch of residents who seem more Arlington than Shaw. Oh, and that guy with the blog – total nutcase!

  • tragically the whitman blog is now offline. some insane busybody used to post pretty much every day complaints about the most trifling possible aspects of life there. i wish it still existed.

  • Better than average but nothing standout. Suffers from suburban archecture syndrome. No one will be talking about this building in 20+ years like we talk about some of the buildings built in the 20’s and 30’s, except when it is ripped down to build something new.

  • I have always admired that street. I am surprised that area has not taken off yet. What has been the holdup?

  • A scene from “Being There” was shot on the exact spot. It was an empty lot thanx to riots for years. The scene depicts Peter Seller’s character being confronted by some harmless locals whose behavior baffled him.
    Big perk of living at Whitman – Modern Liquor right across the street!

  • nate – think it’s Shiloh Baptist sitting on many boarded up buildings in that area, particularly on 9th….

  • total cheesecake factory… and muzak????? BARF.

  • I actually live next door at the Quincy Court building…and I just think the building has a poor design. It’s almost as if, they had something going and just said, “screw it”. I’m not highly fond of the Quincy Court building either, but hey…I didn’t feel like moving this summer. BTW, your blog is awesome.

  • My first thoughts were of ‘Ghostbusters’ That’s so strange. I have no idea why. I think the building is very interesting. In a good way.

  • I’ve walked by it many times and actually like it. It has an ancient Egyptian quality to it, with a lot of architectural detail, much better than you’d see on anything in Arlington.

  • scb: Quincy Court, Quincy Park, Ten Ten Mass and the Whitman were all designed by the same architect – Peter Escohoff. In ten years I think this building will stand out better and in higher regard than some of the other cookie cutter lofts like the Desoto or the Metropolitan, or others up on U street.

    As for the hold up, it’s mostly Marriott, which currently owns many of the buildings and empty lots on 9th between Mass and M. Hopefully, the new hotels will incorporate some of the historic facades into their design to promote a better streetscape for the neighborhood. The designers of the convention center failed to do that and so we need something to balance that beast. Shiloh also owns a bunch of abandoned homes on 9th, north of O street. The city just raised taxes on abandoned buildings. We have our fingers crossed that this will get Shiloh moving.

  • PoP, you should take some photos of the rowhomes across the street from the Whitman..some of them are pretty big and they are in great shape.

  • It’ll be a shame if that Marriott ever comes and knocks down the rowhouses. They are in a great area to have street level stores and 2-3 levels of living above. Is another hotel really needed?

  • Fifty years from now, people will lament the passing of The Cheesecake Factory Movement. Art Deco was heavily criticized in the early 20th century and now such buildings are protected, historic structures.

    For me this building interacts well with the street, accommodates trees and provides needed population density in the neighborhood, I like the details and curved buttress and window volume. I wish they had built east to also interface with 9th street.

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