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This is a pretty cool building at 1225 13th Street. I’m not sure if the photo does it justice. Can a particular style be applied to this building? Thumbs up or down?

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  • There is a style called version of European Modernism called “International Style” that a lot of the new condos could probably fit into. I’d say this falls into that category, even if not a perfect fit.

  • Well it kind of looks like every other condo out here in L.A. so it’s sits on the “eh” list for me.

  • I like it! It looks like a modern art deco design (at least to me). The layers and tones of the building really reminds me of traditional art deco, which I love.

  • Due to its address of 1225, I always thought it looked like a high tech Advent calendar.

  • Eric, actually international modernism is a primarily pre-war architectural tradition. This building also does not represent that school of architectural thought (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Modernism).

  • Loganmo:

    While it is true that the international style is more associated with the early part of the twentieth century, I’m not sure that it’s contemporary construction takes it out of the category. I’m not sure what style you would characterize it as. It seems to me that a large number of the new condos, regardless of their quality or cheapness, aspire to something like the International Style. I wouldn’t call this a traditional modern style.

  • It looks like a flimsy plastic toy. Maybe from China. Don’t like it.

  • Agreed that those copying the “international modern” style are around today, but I think if you look at the characteristics of most buildings in that style, that this does not fit in. I would call it contemporary modern, perhaps. In any case, I don’t think this building is that bad. There are a few interesting buildings on 13th NW between logan and downtown.

  • That used to be an ugly bland yellow brick building called the Evergreen – a home for poor elderly people. They were kicked out and it went condo. Those metal framed bays were tacked on with the metal trim and the pointy things on top to make it look deco. From some angles the bays appear to be sagging slightly. The building to its left, the “Park Princess”(?) is pretty ugly but interesting as one of the only “Post Deconstructuralist” buildings in DC – not sure if that is the correct term – but that 80’s pop architecture stuff.

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