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  • I would love to be at a party there

  • It is owned by a former colleague of mine and I can attest to the fact that it is gorgeous inside and out. The way that it seems to meld with the environment from the inside is amazing.

  • I agree it’s beautiful. What do you think of the asking price, though? He paid $810k 8 years ago. I wonder how much he put into it.

  • Let me change my initial assessment.

    I looked it over closely and while many of you have doubted my real estate valuations in the past, I proclaim it worth $2.5 million. That house is not worth $3.8 million.

    First off it’s listed as a two bedroom house! Neither bedroom is represented well in the photos. The library does not look nice either. The kitchen, den and backyard are merely “above average.” The only stunning piece is that living room and pond.

    I recently saw a house listed in DC for $3.5 million, that house had 10 bedrooms and 4 levels. I don’t even think THAT house was worth more than $2 million. This house at best is worth $2.5, but not a penny more.

  • I think 3.8 million is a bargain for the terminal at Dulles.

  • Now that, my friends, is a modern house.

  • Apparently you get the dining room table as part of the purchase price. NOW don’t you think it’s worth it? 🙂

  • Is that a ginormous photo of Kate Moss in the living room?

  • Anyone who looks at this house and says “hhmmm, only two bedrooms” is missing the point. Did you get the part about one of only 3 IM Pei designed residences? This house is a landmark and will take a very special owner.

    The house is stunning – in fact, it takes your breath away. I am not a realtor, or an architect, or a museum curator, but this is a masterpiece of a house.

  • If you look at this house on google maps the pool isn’t there. So we know the current owner at least put that in.

    But $3.8MM for a two bedroom house in DC?

  • And yes, a lot of work was done – it was restored back to its original interior – removing some bad renovations previous owners had done. They added a bathroom and the pool also.

  • Yes, 3.8MM for a two bedroom house which is now classified as a LANDMARK. Not many houses are considered landmarks. The Kate Moss portrait is by Chuck Close and probably worth more than the down payment the bloke put on the place. This house isn’t comparable to your 2 bedroom in Columbia Heights so stop thinking that way. It is akin to a piece of art and not just a place to hang your hat. If I had 4 Million lying around I’d make an offer. Rather live there than in a 5,000 sq. ft. monstrosity.

  • My childhood house was 5700 sq ft and I’d hardly call it a monstrosity. We had 3 bedrooms and an in-law suite, the deal was that the rooms were pretty large, but as it is now I have more actual rooms in my townhouse than my parents have, but the rooms here are abotu 2/3 the size.

    No one is comparing this to their two bedroom in columbia heights, I do believe though that this house is basically unfit to live in.

    I love Project House 23 more than anyone reading this board, but is that a house that someone could actually live in? Could someone walk around the house in their underwear making breakfast? Given the obvious issues that I detailed I do not believe this house is worth more than $2.5.

  • That place calls for a SEXY

  • Some people buy a home for shelter and space. Some people buy a house to make a statement. It’s a landmark house by a famous architect. Whoever buys it will not care about square footage or function – that is for all of us little people to stress over. It’s the same thing about art. If your primary purpose is to put a painting over your sofa to look nice you are in an entirely different place than the person who will put a $1 million painting above it from their collection. They serve the same spacial purpose but have entirely different objectives.

  • BTW… it is commonly known as the Slayton House and was featured in Architectural Record in 1964.

  • So it looks like this place is having an open house on 3/15 (& is now on the market at 2.9MM)

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