Is The State of the Union Building Finally For Sale?

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I thought I had seen some workers in their a couple of months ago. This is the first time I’ve seen a for sale sign at this prime location at 1357 U Street. Seems like another bar has to go into this location right? It would be pretty sweet if it remained a live music spot. But I think anything would be an improvement as this building has been closed for way too long now…

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  • It’s such an eyesore, along with the corner of 14th and U which for some reason appears to be going through an extremely slow renovation process. Hopefully, someone could get something up and going on that entire corner in the near future. With that area being such a high traffic location, seems like it would have a ton of potential.

  • NOT for sale. It’s offered for lease at $50/sq foot (which is high). According to the listing, the owner will be responsible for the build out.

  • They won’t get more than $40 per sq foot… Hopefully commercial rents will come down even further than that.

  • I hope the asking rent comes down, or I fear that it will sit vacant for quite a while longer…

    Kind of a shame… I used to like going to State of the Union back in the day.

  • It’s gonna be a sweet new spot, “Kindred” opening this summer.

  • Elizabeth- any details?

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