I Think It’s Time For A New PoP Contest

How about “coolest neighbor in PoPville”? Snap a photo of a neighbor you admire and send a couple of lines of text about them. I think we may be able to get some really interesting entries from some long time residents. Send the entries to [email protected] and if I get enough entries we’ll make a contest of it.

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  • wait wait wait — who won coolest roommate?
    i didn’t know any of them, but i somehow feel we can’t move on until it’s decided.

  • I agree! I was wondering about the same thing!

  • And, most importantly, which of them got laid the most?

  • Can I nominate my roommate? Yuk yuk yuk…

  • Oh no! I came this close (holding up thumb and forefinger) to labelling today’s Photo Caption Contest as “PoP Commentators select the winner of the Coolest Roommate Contest.”

    But that would have been mean!

    So seriously, who did win?

  • can’t we have a “most seriously bizarre neighbor” contest? it would be one of the few contests that i actually might stand a chance winning.

    that, or maybe a “WTF were they thinking” contest. i bet i could get an honorable mention on that one.

    thanks PooP! (prince of our petworth!)

  • saf

    I would be happy to tell many stories about my wonderful neighbors. I don’t think I can get pics though.

  • id vote for that guy named reuben. the one who does commentaries on wamu? or is it too early to cast votes?

  • Can it be neighborS? They’re a couple, so it would be a little awkward to nominate one without the other…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It can be neighbors and photos aren’t required although preferred.

  • Photographing some of my neighbors might jeopardize ongoing criminal investigations; therefore I would like to plead the 5 and 10/6ths amendment:

    No person shall be held to enter into a unscientific, or otherwise nonsensical blog contests, unless he or she is on presentment or indictment of a majority of the hood, except in cases arising in the blogosphere, or popular meme, when in ‘actual service’ in time of neighborhood debate or workplace boredom; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of public ridicule; nor shall be compelled in any blog contest to be a witness against himself, his roommates, his sketchily-sweet neighbors, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process nonsensical blog parliamentary procedure; nor shall private ideologies be taken or given for public use, without just compensation (or consumption). [of beer; Belgian beer].

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