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Does anyone recognize what it is?

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  • Isn’t that near the YMCA?

  • I mean to add near 14th and U.

  • I’m pretty sure that’s the Union Row condo project popping up over the houses. I think they call that portion the warehouses. I like that Yes! Organic Market still has signs up that read ‘opening this Spring’. The signs went up about this time last year… maybe they mean next Spring all along? Anyone know how many condos that place has left for sale? Last time a stopped by around May a majority of units on floors 4 and 5 (the middle floors) were vacant on the non-warehouse portion. Sucks if anyone has the need to sell their unit.

  • Yeah you’re in the baseball park on V in between 14th and 13th. (which is almost always locked when it’s not school time because those pesky dog owners are such a scourge on society!)

    When the hell is that Yes! Organic Market opening? Anyone? I’ve been waiting over a year to have a real grocery store less than 10 blocks away on U street.

  • They told Union Row residents that it should open in the fall, but not sure how likely that is.

  • @joeon11th: I don’t know about the ‘flats’ side…but the warehouse side is still pretty vacant – particularly on the 3rd floor (the 2.5 story units). they’re nicely done, but overpriced (i.e. $764k for a south-facing unit – a little over 1500 sqft).

  • I miss when we could use that field as an illicit dog park…..

  • My wife and I looked at probably 20 or 25 units there one afternoon a few months ago. All of them seemed a bit expensive for what one gets (that’s often how new construction is, though…), especially on the “warehouse” side. Some of the flats were nice, but some of the layouts were a bit odd. A couple had really nice terraces, but were especially expensive.

    I hope the businesses slated for that complex open soon.

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