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DSCN2699, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Here’s another unique row home. Great place for sipping lemonade I’d imagine. Do you support the shutters?

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  • it’s got a case of the vinyls…

    you can see to the right that one of the original windows is still intact. I know that the vinyl windows are cheaper… but I think that preserving the old ones or buying new Wood ones is a much better investment in the overall aesthetic.

  • So excuse my ignorance, but is this considered a row home? It looks like a regular house to me, but I guess I’m not totally clear on what constitutes what.

  • Shutters look stupid – especially the ones that are on the second and top floors because there isn’t enough room.

  • I’m with ET, shutters that won’t cover the entire window look kinda silly. Plus, that extended area looks like it’s going to crash down onto the porch any day now.

  • saf

    Katie – looks like a duplex to me. So, as it is two attached to each other, it would be a kind of a row house.

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