Hope You Don’t Need a DCRA Permit Soon

DCRA Permitting Notice, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for sending. Apparently DCRA didn’t publicize their hiatus. Above is the DCRA Permitting Notice warning of delays. Ah, DC bureaucracy…

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  • All their web site still seems to function, anyone tried to get a permit lately and actually been slowed? Note I gave up getting permits years ago, when I found I needed to explain how my house had both gas and electric…

  • will the homeowner’s center be affected?

  • DCRA is in desperate need of HOUSECLEANING, not retraining. They need to fire all the PG county residents leeching off of the District. They have no vested interest to make this a better place. This applies especially to that attorney general, who lives in a big house in Mont. Co. Move to the district, or find someone who will.

  • Wow. I just got permits last week. That’s really outrageous.

  • You guys who just got permits: how bad was it? Because we are going to need them for some work on our house (walling back up what’s now a garage door leading into the basement, building a deck above) and the thought of having to get them already has me ready to give up. Now this notice is even more discouraging.

    We’d really rather not go unpermitted, tempting as it sounds…

  • Yeah, they suck beyond belief, they make DMV look nice and effective. Basically, give yourself TONS of time and remember to be very humble and let them know that you know its their world and you just live in it. Of course, you might get lucky and get a speedy result, it does happen I am told.

  • I can say that it is creating some serious problems for me and we submitted our permit application 2 months ago. They sent us the notice of reduced hours when we asked what was taking so long. We even used an expediter.

  • DC DMV is actually one of the best in the country now… That’s one thing we can thank Carol Scwartz for. If you want a nightmare, try MD or VA’s DMV.

  • I agree, DC DMV is very good. I had to use an expediter when I was getting permits, because I was doing extensive renovations of my house. DCRA sucks.

  • Need help with Certificate of Occupancy…. conversion from single family to rooming house, need an architect. I am now clueless, anyone please give me some hints how to get started. Thanks.

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