Holy Baby Clothing Yard Sale

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“Over 1500 pieces of baby clothing”. That seems like a lot. Do most babies require so many clothes? My attorney and his wife are expecting and I’d like to give them a heads up if this is indeed the case.

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  • They just outgrow stuff so fast, that you constantly need new clothes to keep up with them. Or at least, that’s what’s been happening to us.

    Tell your attorney I said “congrats”

  • Wait – this is a fun question.

    It sounds like a lot – but imagine a whole new wardrobe every 2-3 months for the first year and a half (because of growing) and then realize that a wardrobe can include up to 4-5 changes a day for infants (a lot of messes). Then there are bibs and baby socks (which might count as 2 if you want to be really finicky) and cloth diapers, shoes (which they never wear long enough to wear out!), coats…

    We had a brief stage around 1.5 yo where we occasionally managed only one outfit all day! It rocked.

    Then came potty training for a 2 yo and we are back to putting several outfits/day in the laundry. Maybe 10+ pieces can hit the wash on a bad day.

    And since kids’ clothes don’t wear out, you end up keeping it all with the intention of reusing, donating or selling at a yardsale. I’ll not that they have at least two kids (boy and girl stuff available) so that’s 750 per gender. Guess a few years old each and all of a sudden, I’m finding it remarkably easy to rationalize.

    Sure sounds impressive tho.

  • I guess some people have many many many kids…

  • I just find it incredible that they counted them!

  • baby clothes are funny, there’s a rabid culture of donating them since they don’t wear out yet are grown out of so quickly. When my sister had her kid, within moments of inception, she had a half-dozen other mommies offering their baby clothes / toys to them. And then, of course, the grandmother factor: grannies can’t resist buying new clothes for the babies whenever they see them. So, my incredibly frugal, minimalist sister quickly compiled hundreds of donated and grannie-supplied baby outfits within days.

  • and you can always dress your pets in them…

  • youdontknowme is right. Both of my kids wore hand-me-downs from friends and cousins for the first 2 years of their lives. And, of course, a bunch of stuff their Grammy (and her friends) bought or made. We in turn donated at least 6 huge bags of clothes to charities. And then there are the toys…

  • nobody handed anything down to us, sadly. We handed down to everyone.

  • I refuse to let my child wear anything handed down or goodwill like. I would hate for someone to tell my baby they were just doing it to be ironic and then offer it a PBR for $7.00 a can…

  • It is true. The sign was mine. I have a client who used to resale baby clothing and now she is getting rid of her inventory. Therefore I now have her inventory. I can guarentee that I have at least that much, maybe more. I have 18 21gal totes of clothing from all ages and sizes, shoes, blankets, a stroller, bouncer, and so much more. Please come buy clothes or send anyone you know who has kids.

  • BTW, I still have all of those clothes. If you need anything, call or email me and we can set up a time for you to check them out.

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