Hmm, A Bit Extreme?


Spray painting “no loitering” seems a bit excessive, no?

Speaking of which, stop loitering here and have a great weekend.

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  • Well, not that extreme. Painting the loiterers with spray cans would be a bit extreme.

  • We who live at Parkwood and 14th, where that picture was taken, don’t think that sign and the new fence to keep the drunks and prositutes from congregating there, is excessive at all-

  • I know what you mean, anonymous. I live near there. Here I was thinking that prostitution and drug dealing were illegal. Guess not.

    Those idiots are often still going when I leave for work in the morning.

  • Hooray for these signs! They are often ignored, but at least it’s a start. If they wrote “No ____(fill in the blank of what actually is going on), now THAT might be pushing it. Like, “No back alley BJ’s” It’s private property; the owner can spray paint on it whatever he or she desires.

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