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I’ve noticed these signs up all over town. Would you find it acceptable if DC got one voting congress seat or are you holding out for full statehood?

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  • any voting right would be a step in a good direction. not really a fan of statehood but sick of not having a true say. taxation without representation bitches!

  • Senate or House?

    Screw it, either way makes it more likely full voting rights will follow. I believe the term is “leverage” and at this point, how much could we possibly have?

  • One vote, we’re certainly not a state in my opinion.

  • read your Constitutions people!

  • why are we not a state? DC’s population is larger than several of the states.

  • We’re a bigger state than Wyoming people! Cows can’t vote. We’re really comparable in size to Alaska. We should not have to accept 1 freaking vote here.

  • I was always a proponent of the other alternative mentioned in “No Taxation Without Representation.” 😉

  • saf


    While I do not agree with everything Sam has to say, I think he has much useful to say:

  • Not a state; not deserving of any seats. Brush up on that Constitution.

  • saf

    The constitution can, and in this case should, be amended. And there is a procedure to do that.

    States can join the union.

    Deserve has nothing to do with it.

  • At a minimum, D.C. should get a voting representative so she can be in charge of the committee that governs D.C. in order to prevent representatives of other states from pushing their own pet projects based on ideological concerns on the Dstrict. One voting member would allow Del. Norton to head committees and stop Congressional meddling in a city that most would rather not live in.

    The constitution should be of no concern regarding whether D.C. should become a state or have voting rights since it can be, and has been, changed on many occassions, which including ending slavery and extending the right to vote to women, just not the women of D.C..

  • that is most of the Representative and Senators would rather not live in D.C.

  • Thank you saf! I hate that Constitution argument. Amendments 13, 15, 19, and 21 are among some of this country’s great highlights.

    I don’t care what they call DC as long as it gets representation. Though I imagine there might be dollar issues tied to statehood at some point.

    And I *love* that poster. Combines my hate for disenfranchisement with my love of musical theater. In some sort of crazy logarithmic way.

  • My “favorite” arguement against the District getting any sort of representation is always that D.C. screws things up…the most recent arguement was over at the City Paper where some enlightened indivdual argued that D.C. didn’t deserve representation because of low voter turnout and the DCBOEE mishap….as I pointed out, many “states” that had their primary the same day that D.C. did had a lower turnout *and* if you want to talk screw ups, Florida shouldn’t have any of it’s Senators or Reps (Palm Beach County recently “lost” 3500 paper ballots in their August primary election). Every state, has counties and cities that run their governments shoddily, but they are still afforded full representation in Congress….

  • so,…
    From the original text of the Constitution (Article I, Section 2):

    “Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several states which may be included within this union…”

    I’m readin’ that as no representation, then no taxes. I guess the Constitution doesn’t really mean squat if you live in DC.

  • I always thought that the non-federal area of DC (all except the Mall, White House and Capitol) should be returned to Maryland.

  • Please don’t send me back to Maryland

  • Maryland would NEVER take us back. Ever.

  • Screw Maryland, and representation, just take away federal taxes

  • We should forget the statehood fight and start fighting federal taxes!!

  • 2 party system + divided Senate + constituitionally mandated 2 senators per state = no statehood for us.

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