Good Deal or Not? Mini Edition


The flyer says:

“Beautifully and meticulously renovated modern interior behind an historic facade. 2BR/2.5BA with private rear garden, 1-car parking, chef’s kitchen with ss appliances, new baths with travertine tile & walk to metro and U Street.”

You can find more info here.  House is located at 2022 10th Street, NW.  (Very close to U Street.)

So the location seems pretty tight but the quarters also seem a bit tight. So for a small house in a good location is $679,000 a good deal or not? It is interesting to contrast with yesterday’s good deal or not? which was 4 bed, 2.5 bath for $659,950…

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  • Wow – what makes this a the “mini edition” certainly not the price. I say not a good deal.

  • Well you certainly have to give them credit for doing so much with such a small space. Based on the pics, it seems to be a very well done house. Kudos on that. Whether its worth $679K, who knows? That block isn’t the nicest in the area, yet you are a block from the metro and steps away from some great restaurants and bars. I guess if you really love U street then its worth it, but personally I would take the 679 and buy a much larger (and wider) house a little further north

  • It’s not fair to compare the two. This one really is ‘meticulously’ renovated by someone with great taste. Yesterday’s was just changed by someone who watches too much HGTV. Besides, they’re in completely different neighborhoods. I’ve seen the insides of both. I’d pay the list price on this before I’d pay the list price on yesterday’s because the latter would require an additional $40-50k in renovations to get it to the caliber of renovations of the former.

  • This one is much closer to being a good deal though than yesterdays–nice reno and parking on a so-so block in a better neighborhood.

  • Not sure if it’s a “good deal” so much as a fair asking price for a nice place- no room for sweat equity, so if that’s what someone is looking for, this might be a good fit.

    Great photographs though- it’s nice to see a house professionally staged and photographed.

  • For someone who wants a turnkey place with fabulous renovations this house would be great. My taste would be to go for more of a fixer upper that is larger, but most people don’t feel that way. I think this could be a fair price given how nicely the house is done, its proximity to the metro and U St, plus having nice outside space and a parking spot. So overall, I say good deal for someone who has this much to spend.

  • It’s an apples-to-oranges comparison with yesterday’s. This place has nicer finishes, for sure, and arguably it’s in a better location (for no other reason than U Street area is better regarded than Columbia Heights), but it’s less than half the finished square footage. I’ve got to believe the resale upside on this one, however, is a lot less than the upside on yesterday’s (which also has income-generating potential if you wanted to renovate the basement apt), and if you needed space for kids, pets, stuff, etc. this one doesn’t compare. I’d take yesterday’s were I spending that kind of money. Still, at least they didn’t cross the 700k threshhold, and I’d take this over a 1200 sq ft. condo selling at 600k any day.

  • It’s gorgeous. But so teeny. I feel like only a retiree would pay so much for so few square feet, but that isn’t the demographic I usually associate with U Street.

    I also don’t like that you have to walk through the kitchen (from what I can tell) to get to the little living room. A similar layout mistake was the dealbreaker for us on a house we loved otherwise.

  • Nice looking house and what looks to be a good renovation, but maybe a bit overpriced. It’s in a good/convenient location and has parking, but it’s small. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a basement; and I didn’t get a much of a feel for closet/storage space from the slideshow, so that could be an issue.

    I’m interested to see what kind of price it actually fetches… I don’t see it getting $679K, but $600K (or even a little more…) wouldn’t be too out of whack for its condition and location.

  • Hey new feature request: You should keep a running tally on these houses of what they asked for, what they went for, and how long it took.

  • Its a better deal than this one – listed in similar properties on the same page – at 10th and Girard


    Um, yeah.

  • $520 a sq. ft.?!? You’ve got to be kidding me. How could anyone think this is a good or even fair deal? It’s almost in Shaw for god’s sake. Tiny house, bad neighborhood. End of story.

  • Don’t like faux shutters especially when the house is too small to take them. Good paint job though.

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