Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this two unit condo conversion at 3660 New Hampshire Ave. says:

“Brand new conversion near Park Place dev! 2 units available-both 2BR/2BA, parking, great rear decks/patio. Modern kitchens-granite cntrs, maple cabs, SS appliances, new hdwds. Beautiful slate baths, spacious closets, custom shelves. Great size BRs with plenty of light. Less than 1 block to Petworth metro and steps to Columbia Heights dev: Target, etc!”

You can find more info and photos here.

I normally don’t like when the rowhouses are converted into condos but this one was pretty cool. Both units had two levels and the bathrooms were quite nice. I also think the location is pretty good. The first unit is $449,900 and the second unit is $499,900 (condo fees are $274). So, good deal or not? But I’m also interested to hear what you think about the conversion. Like I said, I thought this one looked pretty good.

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  • WOW!, I must say, that I hope they both sell for that much

    It will make me feel better about the local housing market

  • Don’t know about the price – could be fine given location (which I did not really check – a block up/down/east/west can make a big difference). A more or less completely unrelated question to those who know the real estate business better: I would love to have a great shower rather an ok tub when we redo our (small) bathroom.. but I’ve heard that buyers still value tubs more (I have no idea why – who takes a full bath nowadays? :)). Is that really the case?

  • children take baths. you can’t put an 18 month old in a shower

  • I thought they were well done. Its nice to see quality renovations.

  • Neener, yeah I know.. unless you take the shower together with the kid of course, or buy a plastic tub for them.

  • We thought we weren’t having kids so we ripped out the tub and put in a sweet double-headed shower. Then the kids came, and after years of carrying the kid into the shower, and getting myself drenched trying to keep them under the spray…we’re having our shower ripped out and tub put back in. Blarg.

    If I’m shopping for a house in the next few years, no tub won’t cut it (or I will at least add 5 grand and a couple of weeks of contractor hassle to the purchase price).

  • Wow converted into condos and no heinous pop-up.

    Also, I know in other places (I don’t know about DC) that you can’t call a bathroom a full bath without a bathtub.

  • Neener is right. A tub is a must if you have kids.

  • I’m having a basement bathroom put in right now and it will have a tub. After four years of only having a shower I know I want a tub for washing my dog and soaking stuff like shoes or clothes without tying up the washer forever. I’m sure there’s other reasons too. So, up with tubs!

  • well, I think it is a good deal for the developer. You wouldn’t have rights necessarily to the backyard… hopefully it is near athe metro?

  • well i live next door (you can see my building in the pic) and it’s a great location. it’s between spring and the intersection of ga/nh, so literally its a 3 minute walk to the metro. i like the conversion overall, though some of the fixtures are a bit bland, but whatever. i think its priced appropriately. let me tell you, it’s big and one great feature is that the 2 bedrooms in each of the units are separated from each other so there’s a great deal of privacy if you have a roomate. if you’re looking for a condo, don’t have kids, and want good amenities without sacrificing rowhouse charm (hello exposed brick!) then i think this is a great buy. i wish it was on the market when i was looking last year!

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