Good Deal or Not?


The flyer says:

“Welcome home to this spacious, sun-filled, 4 level rowhouse w/ high ceilings & rustic pine floors. This large home boasts 4 bed, 2.5 ba on the top 3 floors, basement 4th floor avail. to turn into your own w/ front & back entrance. Great backyard perfect for grilling.”

More details and photos can be found here.

It looks pretty sweet but my question is about this particular block. It sits on a street that has whole apartment buildings boarded up. But the house really is sweet. And it’s a stone’s throw from all the development on 14th Street. So for $659,950 is it a good deal or not?

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  • great location regardless of boarded up apartments which one would think would be fixed up in the nearer future. But for this price i want hardwood through out and a finished basement. and a parking space

  • Looks like a good deal with the exception of lack of parking.

  • I’ve lived on this block of Newton for 4 years and think it is the second quietest/safest block in Columbia Heights, after the 1400 block of Monroe. Darn those Monroe streeters and their block association! 🙂

    The block is very quiet, except for occasional loud music from cars driving by. You would think the firehouse on the end of the street would be noisy, but Newton street is too narrow for the fire trucks, they take Park Rd I think.

    Eventually that abandoned apartment building will be fixed up, but the neighbors keep a close eye on it and make sure trash/weeds are taken care of immediately. When I moved in there were two other abandoned row houses on the block, both of which have been renovated.

    I recently saw a car that had been broken into, but there seems to be comparatively little crime. I have had some bikes stolen, but I find bike theft is a problem all over the city.

    The block is also in a great location – close to Target/metro, but not so close that it is noisy. Also very close to the 16th street buses, which are a big step up from the 14th street buses.

    Other than the abandoned apartment building, the only other problem with the block is the people who hang out drinking on the corner of 14th street in front of the fire house. I have no idea why the firemen put up with that. The people drinking seem to be harmless, if disgusting. And just like the rest of CH, there’s too much litter on the sidewalk.

  • Re parking – as more people come to shop in CH this may change, but right now it is pretty easy to park on this block, except for Sunday nights and if you forget about street cleaning days.

  • goodness that paint job through out the house burnt my eyes. I would tag onto the cost of how much it would be to repaint everything and tear out the carpet to put in hardwood floors.

  • It’s nice enough but that blue carpet – why? And yes, at that price point I need offstreet parking.

  • I’m a realtor and I showed this house last week. While it is a unique home it needs some cosmetic work that can’t be seen in the pics. I hope the sellers are flexible with their price because of that. Given that there are 1 bedroom condos on the same block going for $300k and 2 bedrooms in the mid-400s and higher (those are sold numbers…not list numbers) the price is pretty good.

  • All of the carpet is godawful ugly….people should not be using carpet at all, nonetheles red and blue carpet…

  • Good deal. You’re just not going to get that size footprint, with a small private backyard, in that good a location for that price. In fact, this strikes me as one of the few reasonably priced GDON? subjects in the last few months. It needs some cosmetic work, and the block isn’t the prettiest one out there, but Fig Newton is right — all in all, it’s one of the quietest, most crime free blocks in CH, and it is very very convenient to all the new development and the Metro without being in the thick of everything. Plus, it’s a one-way street OUT of CH, so to get off the block, you don’t have to drive into the traffic on 14th Street. If it had the floors, designer colors, etc. that people are posting about, it would be listed for 100k more.

  • Good deal- a little cosmetic work and it would be going for a lot more. I wonder if the basement ceiling is high enough as-is, or if it would need to be dug out before it could be made into a legal unit…

  • I live on that block as well. My understanding of that abandoned building is that the descendants of the original owner believe its worth significantly more than than the actual worth. The main problem is that the bad roof has been allowing water in for decades and not much of the building can be saved. It’s not from a lack of interest. I’ve seen at least 3 developers go inside the building with a flash light.
    I’m a big fan of the block and feel safe on it.

  • the ceilings seem really low to me. most of these old houses tend to have higher ceilings.

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