Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this house located at 1465 Florida Avenue, NW says,

“Great find in the USt corridor. Lots of original features , hardwood floors, separate dining room, pocket doors updated kitchen and systems, patio in the rear. 3 blocks to Green line metro, shops and restaurants.”

More details can be found here with a cool virtual tour.

Now this is another really good location but I’m guessing the house needs around 100k put into it to make it really nice. But I suppose you could do small projects piece by piece. So do you think $589,000 is a good deal or not given the location and the condition of the home?

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  • Must be a good deal, it’s already under contract after less than a week on the market.

  • I couldn’t find the tour at the Redfin site, but did find one here:

    I think it’s overpriced considering the condition of the bathrooms and kitchen.

  • re: 1440. Well lets see what it actually sells for; the buyer could have offered $150k under asking, and the seller could have jumped.

  • I went to the open house! Needs some updating for sure, but beautiful original floors, big rooms and all new (and very nice) appliances in the the kitchen. Backyard and basement (unfinished). Bathrooms need updating and one major expense would be putting in central air, but it’s of course a good investment for the long term value of the house. For that address, I vote worth it.

  • I say good deal. It could use some updates, but it doesn’t really NEED them ( just from looking at the pictures)- it’s totally livable now, and I’d rather buy a place like this and live in it while gradually making improvements it than buy something that was poorly renovated.

  • I lived in this house until earlier this summer, when the (I guess now previous) owner was renting it. It’s not perfect, but certainly super livable as is. And the kitchen appliances are crazy nice. Although “patio in the rear” is a bit of a stretch, unless he did a lot of improvements to it (and it looks like he didn’t).

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  • It looks like both bathrooms need significant updating and the kitchen needs new floors, cabinets, and maybe counters (couldn’t tell from the pics). As I said the other day, the 1400 blocks of V, W, and Florida can be a bit sketchy…I think the asking price is not too far off from reasonable…I guess we will see when the data gets into the proeprty tax database…

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