Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this home at 1314 Girard Street says:

“Unique home w/ contemp/traditional flair! This one has something for everyone. Expansive LR/DR w/ banded parquet hrdwd flrs, Dynamite kitchen w/ custom euro cabs, cork flrs, Amazing MBR suite w/ clawfoot soaking tub/shower, exposed brick, secluded rear yrd w/ fish pond, off str pk, In-law suite rented for $900/mo, Metro, Target, Tivoli, Giant 3/4 blks.”

More details can be found here.

Pretty cool house with a basement rental. So is $685,000 a good deal or not?

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  • I have no opinion.

  • Hmmm…the colors in this house are overpowering, the bones look good though. I’m thinking that they should be able to get within 25K of their asking price.

  • Yeah, that paint job. Whoo-boy. The work to get that red paint off of the kitchen cabinets. Might as well buy new ones. And I would go a step further and get central air installed.

    But, I think it’s a good deal. Esp. with the potential mortgage paying in-law suite.

    more importantly, what the heck is up with that bathroom in the master suite? last thing i would want to is to wake up in the morning and see my lovely so taking a dump. I left those poo days behind when I quit doing german porn.

  • Agree about the wall colors – someone needs to turn off HGTV 😉 Sorry that was snarky.

    The weird thing is the bathroom – they’ve turned an entire bedroom into a huge master bath/dressing room, and there doesn’t appear to be a door between the bdroom and the bath. Guess that’s ok if you are living alone. But overall it seems like a nice house (with a great yard).

    The price seems about right. But Girard is a strange street – really nice houses but continued gang violence at one end.

  • Well, Zillow has it at 622k, and their estimates are usually high, so I’d say it’s 50-75k overpriced.

  • Blittle, do you have any of it on DVDs stashed away somewhere? I could buy it in bulk.

    Yeah.. so there only two bedrooms really (one more in the basement)? Or am I missing something? Given that slightly on the high side. Parking? Sorry, did not read all the details on the realtor site I guess. 🙂

  • At its heart, this is a small 2 bedroom work in need of work (albeit not major work), in a mico-neighborhood that’s somewhat troubled. But if we accept the rent from the basement apartment as knocking, say, $150,000 off the total mortgage, we’re talking about a $535,000 house which seems reasonable.

  • I want the house to the left of it, check out that cool 3rd story window!

  • that bathroom in the master suite is odd. and not in a good way.

  • I really like the bold colors downstairs. It’s the purple master suite with open bathroom that freaks me out.

  • Yep. Living in that house with another person would lead to some serious constipation.

  • Am I wrong in thinking I’ve heard that block can be sketchy? I feel like that swatch of Girard St has more than its share of crime, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Katie, you are not mistaken! Girard street, esp on the stretch next to 14th street, has been plagued with gang violence. And the problems do not appear to go away anytime soon…

    ahhh $685,000 to experience the urban luxury of being within inches from the gunshots and stray bullets!

  • Block used to be sketchy but is actually pretty quiet these days considering there is only 2 houses on the North side of the street. Master BR with the bathroom is a problem, as is the lack of Central AC. Price is less than $300 per foot, very good in my opinion and I’m an agent

  • Pretty quiet? There was a shooting a block away at Fairmont like a month ago, and that open air drug market, while markedly less open, still exists in the sketchy park. You couldn’t pay me to live on that block.

  • Way overpriced for a non-AC, abortion. That master remodel is a perfect example of something only the person that thought of it could love. What a waste of space. So basically, a 2 BR, non-AC, house on one of the hottest blocks in the zipcode (an average of two murders per year) for nearly $700k?

    Good luck.

  • Well, to be fair, it would more than easy to put a wall up to separate the bathroom from the rest of the bedroom so as to not wittness a partners bowel movements..

  • i lived in this area around 5 years ago, and it was pretty bad back then, moved to petworth now i am back in the area. it’s like Clarendon or maybe it just feels that away after living in petworth. nevertheless, overpriced: should be a little bit under 600.

  • I love the colors on the first floor (maybe because i have almost those same colors in my dining room and kitchen), but the lack of AC and that ridiculous “open shitcan” design drag the value of the house down significantly. the bathroom is a quick cheap fix–hell, i could put up the wall myself in an afternoon, but the AC installation might be a bear to tackle. given where it is, and what you need to do to make it livable for anyone but a coprophiliac with a sweating fetish, i think it’s $50-75k overpriced.

  • Ok, so a shooting on Fairmont…how does that constitute this block being sketchy? And the average of 2 murders per year…I’d love to see some proof of that? RCR and Odentex, I’m guessing you both rent…drives me crazy how people get on here and bash prices of homes when they actually sell for this…check some comps in the area

  • Given the square footage and location, YES this is a good deal. Sorry, but a shell in this neighborhood often sells for about the same price. As for the shootings… there are plenty of streets in Columbia Heights and Petworth with issues. If this was a quiet neighborhood with no crime and still only three blocks from the metro, this house would be over $800,000.

  • I never understand how the paintjob turns people off so much from a house. Are you people unaware as to how inexpensive and easy it is to do an interior paint job? Not liking a bold interior color scheme should not justify a price reduction.

  • loganmo, I don’t think anyone was arguing the price should be lower because of the paint colors, I think the issues were more the need to build a wall and install AC….

  • some of the initial few comments.

  • Paints an easy fix, but the lack of AC is a deal killer for me. Overall seems high to me…it’s not 2005 anymore.

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