Good Deal or Not?


This house located at 1731 Park Road had previously been featured as house of the day and garden of the day, so I was intrigued to see it for sale. The flier says:

“HUGE PRICE REDUCTION!! the house you’ve been waiting for. Wardman Mediterranean Style Four Square. Great house for entertaning on front porch facing park, in the bricked in backyard or the generous sized living & dining rooms. Crown and picture molding everywhere. Four LARGE bdrms and 2 full baths upstairs and renovated 3rd floor w/ high ceilings, W/ D, full bath. 1br unit in bsmnt.”

It truly is a beauty. Find more details here.

The original price was listed as $1,175,000. It has been reduced to $999,900. So is that enough of a reduction to make this a house a good deal?

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  • Gorgeous.. Wish I had a 1m to spend… hmm.. if we were to rent our current house and… oh forget it! 🙂

    I think it looks like a fairly good deal with all that space and fantastic detail PLUS an apartment to rent in the basement. I gather you could get about $1000 for the basement which would effective knock $150k of the price in terms of mortgage payment.

  • looks like a sweet house, but also looks like a lot of it–the bathrooms, most of the bedrooms–have not been updated (though well-maintained to be fair). think it should still come with the mil price tag?

  • Looks like a good deal to me. I think you could easily get 1300 for the basement. And I like the bathrooms as is!

  • Among homes asking for $1M+ west of the park, I’d think this one is getting pretty close to it, provided it’s mechanically sound. That size and that location are pretty hard to replicate. The rental income would help, too. Still, don’t know that I can bring myself to label it a “good deal” at that price.

  • Oops … meant east of the park. That thing would be gone in a second on the other side.

  • I think it’s definitely a good deal. I totally used to lust after that place.

  • When I lived on that block a few years ago, one of those big Victorian rowhouses went for a million. I think this is worth more, being 50% bigger and having a yard and all, so yeah, good deal.

  • that is awesome and makes me want to sell my house and move

  • It doesn’t seem to have central air, if I’m reading it correctly, which is a must in the summer and for that price, it should be included.

  • FYI It has all new Central AC 2 units including all new air handlers and new high efficiency furnace, If I’m reading it correctly

  • Thanks, Randy, that’s good to see.

  • I think this is a good deal. It’s huge, nicely renovated (and I like that they kept the radiators, although I’m sure some people don’t like that), and has a yard, garage, and rentable basement. I’ve seen houses like this pull in over a million in cheaper markets (example: Nashville), no problem. Good deal.

  • LOL… less than 200K is not a HUGE PRICE CUT…

  • i’m not sure what thelogos thinks is a huge cut, but i’d say a more than 15% price cut is pretty big.

    Sweet house. if i was a rich man, i’d move there in a minute.

  • I have no idea what “thelogos” is talking about.

    However, there are drug dealers who work directly across the street from this location. while there have been several arrests there still have not been convictions.

  • its not a bad deal, but the heating and airconditioning costs will be HUGE.

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