Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this home at 3213 Sherman Avenue says:

“Ready to move into! Open floor plan. Renovated kitchen with maple cabinets, stainless appliances, granite counter tops and ceramic floor. Good size home and nicely done. Front porch. Engineered Hardwood on main floor, w/ w carpet on second floor. Good sized fenced back yard with off street parking.”

More details and photos can be found here.

This is another pretty small house with only 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. I stopped inside this one and it didn’t feel like a “high end” renovation. So given the size and location is $365,000 a good deal or not?

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  • Boy I question the legality of those add-ons in the back (and their structural integrity). But I *guess* 365 isn’t horrible for a full house that’s in livable condition…

  • that does seem fairish. though I personally do not like the house and would not want to live on sherman ave.

  • I’m not a big fan of 2 bedroom houses. Even if you’re just a couple, there’s either no guest room or no office and no room to grow. Also not a fan of Sherman Avenue. I wouldn’t buy it.

    That said, it’s probably a bit high but still not out of the ballbark. But the market is so effed up right now, who knows what anything’s worth. It’s just a question of how desperate a seller is, and/or how much a buyer likes a particular place. There are houses on the same street selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars apart… from the bank foreclosures in the 2’s to the renovated houses in the 7’s. It’s wacked.

  • I love 2 bedroom houses! I have one for me, my girlfriend and our boxer. It’s the perfect size for us and feels really spacious. It helps that there are 2-levels, which separates the areas. We have an office/guestroom combo, which works because we don’t work from home all the time and we don’t let guests/freeloaders hang out for more than a week. To each their own, but sometimes people buy more house than they need (hello, real estate troubles).

  • I’d say good deal except for the location. Sherman Ave means you a no more than a block from a crack house no matter where you are, and you are on a busy street. But I’d rather pay that price for a small home than a medium-sized condo, all else the same.

  • I’m with others on its less-than-great location, but 365k for a house in move-in-able condition is probably pretty good. Even if the market keeps going down and someone overpays a little now, it’s not like they’d take a bath on resale at that price. Have to say, however, that I love that the online listing has a picture of the interior of the refrigerator, as if people have been tricked and bought dirty refrigerators. A very interesting selling point.

  • Right I think the question is what to compare it to. Would you rather have this house or a one bedroom, perhaps 700 sq foot condo at the new condo going up at the Petworth Metro. It’s totally a matter of personal taste. I’ll point out that the Sherman house doesn’t seem to have parking, which I’d definitely want living there.

  • What’s up with that shot of the fridge interior? I usually only buy houses where I like the interior configuration of the fridge. Sherman Ave is a terrible location.

  • $365k might be a good deal for some small houses – just not this one.

    My wife and I went to see it. It’s a dump. The renovations look like they were done over a weekend by blind drunks on a shoestring budget. The upstairs is a shambles.

    Move along.

  • A 2 Bedroom house is better than a 2 bedroom condo I think….sherman isn’t the best but it’ll at least look better when they redo the streetscape hopefully next year

  • I was one of those who wouldn’t consider a condo, I wanted a house with a yard and basement. So I got a tiny yard and the scariest basement the world has ever scene (gateway to hell is what I called it). But for whatever reason, I just didn’t want a condo. Yep, I probably woulda bought this house or given it serious consideration a few years ago. Sherman Ave is the worst though. Anyone ever found it ironic that Sherman Ave runs into Georgia?

  • Ooooh Cupcake–that would be a good contest! Who has the coolest (or worst) refrigerator interior.

  • I am not familiar with Sherman Ave. What’s so bad about it? Is it worse than cross streets in its immediate vicinity or say Georgia Ave?

  • I am fond of Sherman Avenue, as I am of Georgia Avenue. They both have a cool Brooklyn vibe to me. Sherman has the super 66 and 68 bus lines. As far as RCR comments on crackhouses, he doesn’t say he lives there. I live there, and I know all of my neighbors on my block and there is no crack to be found anywhere near these decent folks!

  • “Anyone ever found it ironic that Sherman Ave runs into Georgia?”

    Love that comment 🙂

  • I’m sold based on that 8″ diameter poorly-puttied round window!

  • I live 4 blocks west of Sherman, and know that there is/was at least one drug dealer at the corner of Harvard and Sherman. Fine, maybe the rest just look like crack houses.

    Upper Sherman may be nicer but down around the 3000-2900 block definitely not. And that’s only two blocks away from that house.

  • I have the same model refrigerator and this one pictured already has some burnt out freezer light bulbs.

  • No deal – Sherman is not an attractive street . . . a lot has do with its lack of street trees and traffic levels. Living room floors are laminate/Pergo type. Living room vary narrow. No basement. No parking. I think you could get more for your money in Petworth proper.

  • RCR, those are my pictures dude! That was the last crack house on the 2900 block. They squatted there less than a year, and we were glad to see them go when the Marshall’s office came to evict. I know all the other neighbors on the 2900 block, and we’re all very friendly. And, when Sherman gets new streets and sidewalks in 09, I hope we are the envy of all you haters.

    YDKM, as far as Sherman running into Georgia, well, you cited the wrong Sherman, and it’s actually called New Hampshire. Very astute of you.

    Still wouldn’t buy the house, though. You can find new condos larger than that place for less.

  • saf

    I have always laughed about Sherman and Georgia. I just wish Sherman crossed Georgia.

    I have also always wished that Sherman and Georgia crossed at Grant Circle. Tell me that wouldn’t be funny, in a really really really geeky way.

  • As a resident of that house that was evicted, I can assure you that this is not such a terrible street. It was evicted when it was inhabited by drug dealers that harbored dog fights in the basement, and was completely renovated. It is now beautiful with a nice, huge backyard and is occupied by 4 very nice 20-something recent college grads from Boston and Chicago. We all feel very safe in our neighborhood on that block and assure the group that despite its lack of street trees, it is not such a nightmare to live in.

  • Ok, well maybe my opinion is dated.

  • Sherman Ave is slated to be redesigned next year. Rumor has it: single lane of traffic for each direction, median, and trees. The folks along this avenue have been working very hard for the last few years to push this through.

    We know that Parkview is the red-head, bastard, step-child of Petworth and Columbia Heights. But, we’re here. It’s home.

  • Do you have any more information/links about this redesign for Sherman Ave? I’ve seen the plans for 14th St., is it something like that?

  • i think this is what they are talking about. the Lower Georgia/Sherman streetscape project,a,1249,q,639159,ddotNav_GID,1754,ddotNav,|34241|.asp

    the fact that the link for the construction schedule is not active does not fill me with much hope for this getting done anytime soon

  • be sure to cut and paste the whole link, didn’t include the last little bit in the clickable portion…

  • Sherman is not where most people would choose to live. i am sure a lot of really nice people live there, but the street is always littered with broken bottles and garbage, i have actually watched hand-to-hand drug sales taking place on the street, and the multiple cheap-giant-stuffed-animals- taped-to-a- lightpost memorials to slain gang-bangers that decorate more than one block are pretty much a good reason to avoid purchasing there, at least for the next decade or so.

    when i was looking to buy in early 2007, there were a half-dozen tiny condos for sale in those identical buildings on Sherman (around Kenyon?). i went in to an open house at one of them one sunday afternoon. the moment i entered the building, i felt my throat closing up, and it felt like i was breathing asbestos or something. i went into the apartment, and the atmosphere worsened; i almost couldn’t breathe at all. i couldn’t figure out what was going on, so i asked the showing agent if they were painting or fumigating the building. he sheepishly replied, “well, honestly, this isn’t a very good neighborhood…and i just went out in the hall to check that my mace was still working…and kinda accidentally sprayed some out there.”

    that condo was still on the market three months later when i bought my house. i wouldn’t be surprised if it is still on the market.

  • I live on Sherman and love it! I’m pumped for the Lower Georgia/Sherman streetscape project. Buy low, sell high I say. And I’m a renter! Sherman may or may not be the best street, but the truth is it’s close enough to Target without being too close and dealing with the traffic and throngs of people every day, it’s close to the Wonderbar, and it’s close to the bike path to take me to work. It’s a wonderful location, but I wouldn’t eat off the street ya know, it’s the city, see a bottle on the ground, throw it away and use some sense!

  • As for Sherman Ave, I don’t really see the problem with the location at all. I live down the block and it seems to be just as nice as any other street in the area. As for “deals” its not a good deal at all. The average price for a place in the 20010 zip code is 200,000. Why pay more then average for a less then average place?

    Oh and as for drug dealers, if you want one go to kenyon street.

  • Jackie, from where did you pull that average? Not debating you, but I’m curious as to the source.

  • Average price is $200,000, not even close. I might say $280,000, but $200,000 you can’t buy anything even close to livable

  • $200,000 is the average my mortgage company gave me. Another site I recently saw was $280,000.

    And you could definitely find something livable, JnDC. You just have to know where to look.

  • depends on how one defines “livable.” rodent -free, no wind whistling through the tattered remains of 1920’s windows, no leaking pipes, no leaky roof…at LEAST 280k.

  • Even in this insane market, 200K gets you a fixer upper on a crackhead street. I can’t think of a single house that’s sold for less than the low 2’s anywhere around here. There’s no way that’s the average. Even 280 seems low. I suppose if you include crappy condos it could be around there (which this number probably does include) but seriously, a house? Minimum 280-300 for something decent unless you are very lucky.

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