Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this home at 1250 Florida Ave says:

“Rarely available detached TH in the U Street Corridor, very close to shopping, dining, theatres and Metro green line. Spac & bright rms, HWFS, T/S ki, two bedrooms, updated bath with Jacuzzi, fireplace, exceptional closets & one-two pkg”.

More details can be found here.

Does the fact that it’s detached increase the value? It’s kind of small at 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. So is $535,000 a good deal or not?

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  • Given that we saw a similar house at Sherman and Kenyon for $380k recently this doesn’t seem like a good deal. But there does seem to be a large premium that some people are willing to pay to live closer to U Street over central Columbia Heights that I can’t really understand.

  • Great deal! Perfect for a DINK couple, or even a couple with a kid.

  • I’ve seen this house as it’s on one of my routes and am surprised it’s still on the market. Though I’ve never seen the inside, it looks cute, right around the corner from 13th Street. Two bedrooms? I bet when it was first built it had 3 or 4 and was remodeled to have two big bedrooms. The price has been dropped.

  • One of the big reason I choose to living in Columbia Heights was that I can walk to Target, thereby avoiding any urban cluster effing. And Columbia Heights has a more neighborly feel to me. I feel safe in Columbia Heights, no less safe than on U street. That being said, I still the house is a good deal. The pictures are really nice and there’s parking.

  • I’m wondering why it’s still on the market. I believe it’s been at least 6 months.

  • Hmm, I’ve looked at the crime stats online and the two metro stops with the highest crime in the entire city are CH and U Street…so saying you’d live in U St but not Columbia Heights because of crime makes no sense. I would happily live in either place and think they are great neighborhoods, but you should keep your wits about you in both places!

  • Maybe being right across the street from Cardozo hampers its sale. But I bet my sis who is a teacher there would love it, with her fellow empty-nester husband.

  • I also don’t believe that U St, with the Howard students being, well, students, is more attractive than the DCUSA neighborhood. but $535 is not expensive for DC. I think if anything, the issue is the interior.

  • Actually, that part of Fl Ave. is across the street from the base of Cardozo’s athletic field. It’s not a part of Florida that I would call problematic. I think the above poster probably got it right: there must be issues with the interior explaining why this cute house has been on the market so long.

  • Florida Ave. is such a busy street, tho.

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