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I’m very interested in this question which comes from a reader:

“Can you give us an update on the street car initiative for Georgia Avenue? Even though there are two metros in close proximity, even on this very site have been complaining that the metros are too far away. So it’d be really great for the people and businesses of Georgia Avenue, columbia Heights, Parkview and/or Pleasant Plains to get some more public transpo options. Can you let us know how we can mobilize and push this through?”

On a related transit note a reader also writes:

Greater Greater Washington writes about an express circulator-type bus line that would center in Columbia Heights, branching west to its next stop in Adams Morgan, then again in Woodley Park, and branching south bound down 14th street, stopping at U St, then at Logan Circle, then finally at McPhearson Square. Jim Graham brought it up in a meeting last night for discussion.”

So does anyone know the status of the street car initiative? If a street were to come to Georgia Ave, would you be likely to use it or would you stick with metro/buses?

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  • Got two words for you. MONO RAIL

  • Besides, of course, taking the Monorail to Shelbyville, I’m down for most of those options. I think a streetcar would be immensely practical and also add a huge amount of charm and character to the area. An uptown circulator would be more practical, and open up a lot more of the area between here and Adams Morgan the same way the original circulator makes Georgetown practical for us Metro riders. I assume a yellow line extension would branch over into the western part of the city? I don’t see the need for yellow to continue all the way up to Greenbelt.

  • I’d be happy with longer trains during rush hour.

  • All of those would be good, but a street car would have high capacity (assuming enough cars of course), but very high initial investment costs, high comfort, and high “makes the city feel a lot nicer and evolved” value. 🙂 I don’t think its coming any time soon, so I frankly think it will have to be a combo of those options.

    On the Metro per se (I should have voted other, maybe), the best thing they could do is to go forward with the discussed plan of splitting every other blue train to come up to Petworth. That would be simply fantastic! Under that scenario, with Green, Yellow and Blue coming, we would be set.

  • MountPDC,

    “What’s that you say!?…”

  • The answer is a horse-only lane.

  • Great to hear about the potential circulator bus. It’s not convenient to get from the PW/CH area to Adams Morgan/Dupont as most of the metro and bus lines go directly north/south, so a new bus line would be great. Even better if it’s a circulator and not a metro bus!

  • I wish we could get a street car. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • The H1, H2, H3 and H4 buses go crosstown all the way to Van Ness and they’re fabulous!! All the way from Brookland/Catholic to Columbia Road in Columbia Heights to Van Ness and Tenleytown.

  • saf

    Georgia Ave – the H buses cover that already. H1-4 and H8. Between those, you can get all around sideways.

  • All of the above – streetcars would be cool, more/faster buses are needed (express buses like on Georgia Ave), and most of all make the Metro off-peak Yelow Line extension to Fort Totten effective during peak times as well. The Green Line is jam-packed during rush hour, and train headways of 7 minutes no longer are sufficient.

  • It looks like DDOT just held a public hearing in Adams Morgan discussing the potential Circulator route – did anyone go?

    I have a feeling that if they convert/expand the 98 route to a Circulator bus, there won’t be much support for an additional line like Graham proposed. I think the idea of a streetcar on Georgia Ave is a good one — greater greater washington has alot of good posts on this issue (and crazy looking maps of potential streetcar routes)

  • Street cars didn’t really do much for Philly, and while they are a tourist attraction in San Fran, they aren’t all that helpful for transport.

    I’d like to see bus only lanes all over the city that are actually enforced. If the buses could get up and down Georgia Ave quickly, and the H buses could move quickly, they’d be a fine option to get back and forth between Petworth and CH, and both of those hoods and downtown.

  • Agree with DCDW on the bus lanes – they would be awesome (typically, taxis would be allowed to use them too), also in the sense of making the lanes for cars on such streets a bit more congested and “forcing” people more on to the bikes, buses, and meto (yes, I think that would be a good thing :D).

  • The H buses don’t hit Adams Morgan or Woodley. The idea would be to make it easier for red liners to get to the green line and vice versa. Right now, the only option is walking over to the 42, or taking an H bus up to Van Ness and commuting down. This city is in dire need of a connector between Woodley and CH.

  • I’ve posted before about there being no buses that run from PW/CH to Dupont or Adams Morgan, and have gotten the H bus suggestions before. The problem is I don’t want to take the green line to Chinatown and change trains or take the H bus to the Van Ness metro and get on the train. We need buses that run not just North/South and East/West but diagonally that connect different neighborhood “downtowns.” Petworth to Van Ness does nothing for me. How about a direct connection between Columbia Heights and Dupont Circle via Adams Morgan? Most bus routes treat CH as a place to go past for commuters, not a destination. How about a bus route that connects different destination points? That’s why the circulator buses are great, they are not designed for commuters, they consider what people might want to do on their day off!

  • Cops should be authorized to taser drivers who use the bus-only lanes…

  • GA AVE:

    the 42 terminates at the far north end of Mt Pleasant St. It is a short walk from most places in CH to get to the 42. That is the answer to your problem. Walk a few blocks! If you’re handicapped and can’t, I apologize, but i’m guessing you’re not.

  • I voted for the permanent extension of the yellow line as a high priority for public transportation, as it’d help cut down on my ~1.5 hour 1-way commute.
    I’d like to see it followed up with the trolley, but I know that’s a long time coming.

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