For Those Who Have Dogs This Sounds Pretty Cool

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From the Columbia Heights Listserv:


I have to get on and rave about a local business which under new management I have grown to love and depend on.

After clogging our tub a couple too many times by trying to give our furry dog a bath, we gave in and decided to take our dog Lionel to a do it yourself dogwash in Adams Morgan. The lady that used to be there was not very nice, but a few months ago she sold it a an awesome couple who gave the space cheery paintjob, sells dog food, and runs some great adoption events.

They dont know about this list serve, and because I think it’s such a great addition to the area, I’m posting hoping to help them off to a successful venture.”

Grand Opening Sunday Sept 28. Half price dog washes!

1722 Florida Ave., (corner of florida and California–close to U Street), Washington, DC 20009 202-387-MUTT

Just curious, so how often does one wash their dog anyway?

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  • Ideally, I wash my mud loving country-dog-in-city once a week. Ideally. If not, the mutt stinks, which is what she’s doing right now! Note I also let her swim in Rock Creek, which compounds the stinky factor. A communal dog wash sounds like trouble to me, my dog might organize the other dogs in a revolt against the dread wash.

  • I try not to wash my dog unless he stinks or is visibly dirty. It’s bad for their skin to be washed too much.

  • our rott/hound mix always smells like hell, bath or not…shes getting too big for the shower though, so this place might be fun to check out

  • On advice of veterinarian, we only give the dogs (a rott/dobie/shep and a corgi-ish mutt) a full head-to-tail shampoo wash maybe three-four times a year, unless they take it into their heads to roll in feces a week after the last bath. The doctor said the soap can give them eczema-like symptoms if they get washed too much.

    As for the laundromutt, it looks great. I pay groomers not because I mind washing the dog, but because of the unholy mess in the bathroom. I will definitely check it out.

  • What a cool business. LOVE the name. And did you see that their staff will wash your full-time service dog for you?

  • We’ve used the Laundromutt a few times with poochie. It’s a great way to save yourself a bathroom cleanup or have a particularly squirrely dog who needs to be tethered down for a bath, but it’s pretty darn expensive considering you do all the work. It’s all relative, of course, but my conclusion was that it would be cheaper just to have someone clean my bathroom. It is, however, is a tremendous resource if somehow your dog gets into mud, poop, etc. at a local park and you don’t want to let him even cross the threshhold of your house. Worth every penny in that case.

    And as an aside, I know it’s changed ownership, but I always thought the lady who used to own it was very nice. Don’t see why the Yahoo group poster gave her the gratuitous slam and don’t think it’s true.

  • i agree anon10:30 she was always pleasant and she’s gone now so why talk trash? great place to wash your dog, a million times easer clean up!

  • This place is also 40% owned by an animal rescue….so every purchase supports Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. I will ALWAYS go there for my food and baths….cuz why not? Why make other big companies rich when you can support local business AND local animal rescue. Seems like a no-brainer to me. And they are super nice people…

  • We’ve used the place since it opened, and also found the lady nice, if a little quiet at times. But she always had doggie freindly shampoos, and it was way easier to wash and dry the dog than at home. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let us bring along the shears.

  • I usually wash my dog at home now, but when I lived in a place with a smaller bathroom in Columbia Heights, I used this place. The lady was incredibly nice and it’s certainly less expensive than grooming, though, if you do the whole de-shedding shebang then the price escalates pretty quickly. I’d def recommend it though.

    My dog stays pretty clean and doesn’t have a bad natural smell, so I don’t wash her that often. Mainly just when the shedding starts to get out of control, or if we go camping or to the beach or something, because that usually results in her rolling around in the mud quite a bit. So every other month, maybe?

  • I took the pup there this weekend (much to her disappointment) for the 1/2 price deal, which was great. I’d been before with the old owner (I thought she was nice- she’s likely just particular). The new folks seems super excited and friendly as well. My dog isn’t small enough to wash in the sink, so I like the tubs there- you can stand up and wash your dog- otherwise I’m on my knees or bent over in the bathroom, which after a while starts to kill my back. I also enjoy using their towels, aprons etc, and keeping my bathroom stinky-dog-water-free!

    Also- they use low sud shampoo which is apparently better for the dog’s skin (but makes it a little hard to see where you’ve washed). Since it was 1/2 price this Sunday, I went for the fancy de-shedding treatment and it DID get rid of a lot more hair than normal.

  • I used to take my dog there when it was called Lucky Dog Laundromutt or matt??? My dog need at least monthly bathing due to the fact that she suffered from German Shepherd Deep pyoderma. Anyhoo, I thought the former owner was nice enough too and accommodating. That said, I think it’s a good resource if you live in a small place and don’t want the clean-up.

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