Flooding From Hanna

DSCN2123, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for sending in the photo. The reader writes:

“This is the alley between Irving and Kenyon and 13th and 14th. WASA put in a new storm drain when the alley was redone (it really needed redoing) but I guess the drain ain’t quite up to a storm like this.”

That’s insane. Up in Petworth we pretty much got through unscathed. Although I heard some people had some flooding in their basements.

Any damage in your neighborhoods?

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  • No flooding around here in Eastern Market/Potomac Avenue. And we’re in a basement apartment.

  • I think you are supposed to rotate that photo to verticle PoP… Ow! I got a crick in my neck!

  • That’s my alley, but I’m in the 600 block of it. Although lower elevation, we didn’t see this problem. My guess is that your section of storm drain is clogged with mud from the lead pipe abatement project. Our section of storm drain had to be rodded with a big WASA truck/machine. Fortunately in time! Wonder if the low-slung Prius pictured is ruined.
    I saw the combined sewer/stormwater outlets on the Anacostia were gushing with a lot of backpressure, quite a sight, and sad for the river.

  • This is my alley, and in mid-July a strong storm caused it to flood like that too. The theory is that the first storm occured when the drain’s cement was still wet and that the rain caused it to shift and obstruct part of the drain.

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