Don’t Forget To Vote For The Local Primaries Today!

A number of people have written me asking who I’m supporting.  At first I was going to sit this election out but what the hell.  For what it’s worth, I’m supporting Muriel Bowser for Ward 4 City Council.  I’ve been impressed with her energy and ideas for the abbreviated term.  I’m very interested to see what she can accomplish in a full term.

The only other seat I’ll note is for Shadow Senator.  I’m supporting Paul Strauss.  I’ve known Strauss for a number of years now and he is a tireless advocate for DC statehood.  It’s hard to imagine anyone else in this unpaid position will devote as much time and energy as Strauss will and has already.

So whoever you decide to vote for just make sure you get out and vote!

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  • Thanks for the tip on Paul Strauss. My local DC votes go along with the endorsements from a professional association I belong to (who interviews each candidate) but they only take positions on council members.

  • saf

    Oh, don’t sit it out! Our votes count. Seriously, it’s important to use the little bit of power we have as we work to get full representation. People worked hard for the vote. People have DIED for the right to vote. Exercise your franchise!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    No, no. I wasn’t going to sit the election out. I just wasn’t going to publicly endorse anyone this time…

  • In DC the primary IS the election – no one should sit it out.

  • saf

    Ah, ok, that’s a relief. I didn’t think you would sit out the voting, but I got worried.

  • I’m registered independent, so I’m moot, but my anger with Bowser and Mendelson especially almost made me change to Dem. Personally I feel that there’s no urgency, especially from Bowser, to change things in 4D. I’ve been making the same complaints for almost five years now with virtually no effect. The drug houses in my area have not changed, the daily deluge of litter has not changed, the drunks passed out at Kennedy Ave have not changed, the youngin’s threatening to kill have not changed (gotten older, some of them, luckily some are dead, good riddance and I spit on their grave). Why are we expected to live like this? Have we done something wrong? Or am I stupid to think the GA Ave are of 4D could ever be a decent place to raise a family? Thanks for listening…

  • I have, and continue to, write in my cat Captain Bobo for Shadow Senator. His campaign slogan is, “Meow, my vote counts just as much.” 🙂

  • I dont know that I possess quite the vehemence of youdontknowme, but I do think Bowser has been a less than effective pol. I admit that her failure to support the Noise ordinance didn’t exactly put her high on my holiday shopping list. Still, I found Fenty to be ( as the youngin’s say) waaaaay more involved… I wll not be voting for her. But I know she is going to win…

  • Vote Ian Martinez for Democratic State Committeeman in Ward 1!

  • As long as you vote against Bowser I think that’s a good thing. She’ll win as she’s the recipient of ‘The Machine’, but votes for her opponents will at least make her think. Just don’t vote for that really old weird guy. I say vote Malik, he’s young and such but at least seems to understand that many 4D constituents are tired of inaction. The best-case is that Bowser will hire the next-highest vote-getter and possibly put them to work on constituent services (aka basic maintenance, policing, etc).

  • I agree Bowser seems pretty feckless dealing with the sad state of affairs in W4, but the fact that she supports Fenty, who has demonstrated a determination to end the long-standing inertia of the DC govt, pushes her over the top for me.

    A deadlocked Mayor and Council would be a bad thing for DC at this moment.

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