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We bid on a house on Delafield in Petworth. I work at 13th & K Street and wanted to know if you knew of carpools or the best way to get downtown. Any information would greatly be appreciated.”

Well, first let me say congratulations. Second, I believe there are types of folks, the bus folks and the metro folks. I happen to be a strong devotee of the metro. Now you are sort of between two metro stops – Petworth and Ft. Totten. Since you need to get to Farragut North, I’d recommend you take the Ft. Totten Metro which has the Red Line so you can shoot straight down to Farragut North without having to switch trains. I’m guessing you are probably a 15 minute walk to the Ft. Totten station so you may want to find out what the bus routes are so you don’t have to walk home when it’s too cold or too late at night.

So for those up in North Country – how do you get downtown?  Is there a bus near Delafield that’ll take you all the way downtown or would you recommend the metro?

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  • Depending on where you are on Delafield, you can either catch the 64 or 62. That is very convenient when coming home late at night. I usually go to GA Ave metro and catch either bus. In the mornings, I walk to the Ft. Totten metro. Or wait on a bus if I don’t feel like walking.

  • 13th and K is closer to MacPherson Square, or Metro Center

  • Why does the writer need to get to Farragut North if they work at 13th and K(assuming that Farragut North was in reference to the job)? Metro Center or Convention Center would be better choices, in my opinion.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I figured Farragut North is close enough and if she catches the Red Line at Ft. Totten then she wouldn’t have to change trains.

  • I have the same commute. I bike, but there are lots of options.

    best way–79 bus–express bus down georgia. stops at decatur and georgia, then about 4 more stops before it drops you at 9th and L and you’ve only got a couple blocks to walk. The 62 is also good–pick up on kansas above sherman circle, and it becomes the 68 at the metro. It drops you at 13th and K, but there are a lot of stops and it only comes by every 12-15 minutes.

    coming home is a bit trickier because the 79 goes up 7th. what I do is take the 68 from 13th and K to petworth metro, then hop on either the 79, 70/1, or 62 (depending on where on delafield you are).

    metro isn’t too good because you’ve got to change at gallery place, which is a nightmare, and either walk from metro center or change again.

  • i live a little further down on Varnum, but I run to work, also downtown. It’s quicker than the metro. highly recommend it.

  • you forgot about the bike folks. You can take any route you want, and aren’t at the mercy of late or non-appearing buses, or crowded red-line trains. Takes 15 minutes.

  • Or you can get a scooter!

  • Where are you on Delafield? If you are near 16th or 14th, there are several buses that are a straight shot downtown. The earlier you leave in the morning, the less traffic and faster you get downtown. If you are near Georgia Ave, there are several buses, including an Express bus, on that street.

    That being said, I had never used the buses and was more of a ‘Metro’ person too–now, I prefer the bus. From up where you are (Delafield area) you will likely be able to get a seat every morning. Also, you will get used to seeing outside when you travel–I don’t want to go underground anymore.

  • You could also combine biking and the bus. It’s nice and downhill most of the way downtown, then if you don’t feel like riding home or the weather has changed to crap you could just put the bike on he front of the bus [they all have very easy to use bike racks on the front now] to get home. Best of both worlds and great flexibility.

  • What is the best bike route going uphill? any advice? I kinda swear by Sherman but then again, I’m not from here!!! Thanks/Gracias

  • I ride north on 11th St or Warder St, which becomes 7th after you cross NH Ave. Both have bike lanes and aren’t very busy, plus the hills are a lot more forgiving than riding up 13th or 15th!

  • You can take the green line to the convention center and then catch the K St circulator.

  • I have a somewhat similar commute and ride my bike to work, it is faster than any other alternative, I also highly recommend it. My route is all the way south on 13th; on the way back, I ride on 11th up until Monroe (where the bike lane ends) and then move back to 13th.

  • I second Jae above.
    Getting to the 68 is the best way (I work at 14th & K).

  • The 79 Express bus on Georgia is really fantastic if you can walk to Georgia. Limited stops, it would let you off on 9th and K and you could walk over to 13th easy enough. The only trick is learning where it picks you up…

  • I live at Delafield and 7th, and work at 13th and L, so I know this commute well. I walk most days (it’s 3.3 – 3.5 miles) and use 7th to NH to 11th to Logan as the route both inbound and outbound (much easier hills than 13th).

    On rainy or cold days, the 62 bus is a dream in the morning – right down to 13th and K in about 25 minutes. Most of the time the traffic only becomes an issue around Logan Circle. Coming home, if I’m not walking, I hit the Metro at U st (about equi-distant as Mt. Vernon Square) and grab the 62 (every 12 minutes on the hour) or the 79 northbound at Georgia Avenue.

    If you use Metro’s Trip Planner, it will tell you to take the 62 to Takoma and then the Red Line down to Metro Center. I think that’s bunk, but it does get Metro the highest possible fare.

  • P.S. To the extent you want to bike–there are dedicated bike lanes on either side of 14th Street, starting north of Delafield at Longfellow, all the way downtown.

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