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“Anyway, I am writing to see if you know the answer or the right person to ask. I live near Cardozo H.S., and they just currently built an additional parking lot. Now, they have two parking lots, and with the addition of another parking lot, we lost two street parking spots. Do you know if DC has any regulations on parking in school lots after and before school hours, ie no parking between 7am – 4pm?

Thanks for any help on this. I am just an annoyed neighbor that knows street parking is difficult sometime in this area, and then the school took away two more spots to build a parking lot nobody uses at night.”

Hmm, this is a good question. Anyone know the regulation on parking in a school parking lot during the evening? Who’d be the best person to ask to find out?

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  • The southside of the school, bordering FL Ave, has ample parking nearly every night. I don’t think you even need a resident permit to park there.

    More importantly, does anyone know what the rules will be for non-student use of the new track/field?

  • I teach in a DC public school and almost always get to work early, before our sign in time of 8:00. Sometimes I see neighbors’ cars parked in our lot, usually pulling out as I arrive to work. No one says anything to them, as long as they are out before teachers and parents need to park their cars. But as far as an official policy, I have no idea. Actually I like the fact that the space is being used, that people are in the parking lot because we have had graffitti problems. So more people presence is good.

  • I second the question on the public using the track over at Cardozo.

  • Pretty sure the new track is (or will be) open to the public before 7 or 8 and then again after 4 or 5. If you are interested, there is a sign on the entrance on 13th street.

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