Coolest Roommate Competition LAST Entry


Now take it easy everyone. This is the last entry. The next competition coming up will be the scavenger hunt in early October.

“My roommate Rachel is one of my best friends. Our brains are from the same jar and we share many thoughts, even being able to sometimes control others with the power of our combined minds. We only met last year but it feels like we’ve always been friends. Rachel is one of the most caring, loving and sweet people I know. She is one of those few people about whom one could honestly say loves others unconditionally. Rachel is an extremely calm presence in my life and makes me feel like less of a spaz than I actually am. She takes good care of me, especially making sure I eat well. We share an odd sense of humor that has us laughing between 95-98% of the time (there is a records joke in there, and she knows it.) Our neighbors probably think we should be committed. Rachel is always there to offer her excellent advice and she is someone I constantly turn to. She’s encouraging when I’m down on myself, consoling when I’m having a tantrum or some other ridiculous thing, and she kills scary bugs. She has the patience of saint to live with me and to indulge the habits of who I think anyone would consider to be a difficult person. I’ve never had a better roommate and surely never will.”

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    Anon, I suggest you be polite. And by the by you’re not anonymous to me and I have no problem with public shaming if you persist.

  • 🙂 Darn blogs get in the way of a little humor on a Tuesday afternoon…

  • Well, as I am sure all of these roommates are awesome and great people. The descriptions and photos made me think that I should have nominated myself. But well, I live by myself so I don’t technically qualify as a roommate perse, but I am also incredibly better looking than all of the contestents. I am really fun to hang out with and always support myself when I am down. I cook for myself and clean up after myself. My hair is awesome. My clothes are impeccable. Did I mention that I look like Brad Pitt next to these people? Blah.

  • Maybe you and your wonderful roommate Rachel should get married.

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