Construction Finally Begins On Georgia Avenue Jair Lynch Project

DSCN2788, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is the building near the Wendy’s on Georgia Ave. There will be housing on the upper floors and a health center on the ground floor.

This is the spot where the Gold’s Results Gym was supposed to go in before they bailed.

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  • Oh, I wish Results was still planning to go there, or any gym, but that’s no longer in the works. There will be a Mary Center in the space according to what the ANC (4C) was told some months back. (Link: We like them.

    Jair Lynch and I had a conversation about Results not long ago. Whine, whine. The best w(h)ine about Georgia Avenue will be about Yes We Can Organic Market in early 2009.

    Heck, I’m getting used to my long-overdue visits to the Washington Sports in Columbia Heights anyway – although NH Ave drivers still scare me when on my bicycle, walking or even when driving in a car or even thinking about NH Avenue drivers, some of them.

    I keep thinking about yoga upstairs from Looking Glass, too, or at the yoga studio at 14th and T (owned by a neighbor on Crittenden near Sherman Circle).

    I am running for re-election to ANC 4C and I think I approve this message. Maybe.

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