Columbia Heights Day Fundraiser Tonight at Wonderland


Speaking of Wonderland, the good folks over at The Heights Life mention that there is a new seating policy in the beer garden at Wonderland. Has anyone experienced the new seating policy? Is it really hard to get a seat now?

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  • Ever since the fire marshal stopped by a few weeks ago Wonderland has been really anal about making sure there aren’t more people at the bar then fire code allows. This includes outside.
    Last Saturday we were heading over around 10pm and our friend called us and let us know there was a line outside. ew a line. needless to say we just went to Red Derby, yay no lines!

  • Jesus, that looks terrifying. My only hope is that Wonderland burns to the ground. As soon as possible.

  • Thanks Anonymous! I looked at that and thought, damn am I old and in the way, that graphic looks like vomit to me and Cirque Du Soleil is something my mother’s senior center takes a group to go see, so I think the whole concept is fugly and just right for retirees. Particularly the glow sticks, which is something my mother still thinks is cool.

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