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  • Someone should open a decent take out food spot in vacant bodega next door.

  • no and their website is just as mysterious lol.


  • I just hope Rue 14 is more like Pop in price, not like spendy Circle Boutique across the street.

  • I wonder if you could make a quasi-prepared late night take out place work. Something like take away pita bread, hummus and salad or prepare sushi or the like? I keep wondering if such a NY-style place could exist?

  • Why not an Italian pizzeria like the ones they have in NY that serve regular slices of pizza and subs? Do those even exist in the DC metro area?

  • I’d settle for a Chipotle!

  • katie… circle boutiques clothes are far better made and tailored. maybe more expensive.. but they will last.

  • Chipotle makes sense. I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to expand to the U Street or Columbia Heights areas. I wonder if the real estate people at some of these major retailers frequent the PoP’s site for all the informative detail that it has to offer.

  • Oh great, more Penguin and Ben Sherman clothing… haven’t seen that before. And, enough already with including the street name as part of the business name! I can’t believe shop owners still do that.

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