Church Parking in the Middle of New Hampshire Ave. To Be Revisited Tonight

Remember the discussion we had about the church parking in the middle of New Hampshire Ave.? Well it is going to be addressed tonight. So if you feel strongly about it this is your chance to be heard.

“Revisit the median strip (pedestrian safety) issue on New Hampshire Avenue NW between Randolph and Shepherd Streets NW. (Mr. Muhammed Khalid, DDOT Ward 4 Project Manager, or his designee.) (Comm. Jones and Martin)”

ANC meets at 801 Shepherd St NW and the meeting starts at 6:30pm

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  • I’m pretty confident they’ll come up with other options for church parking and will let the median be built as planned…but definitely am planning on going to the meeting tonight.

  • Please don’t let 8 cars from Maryland win over our beautification of Petworth. Support this and hit the meeting up!

  • I had to leave the meeting early (the baby was not as interested in the agenda as I was and started protesting during the treasurer’s report) — can someone fill me in on what I missed? thanks!

  • I went to the meeting and was pretty frustrated with what I saw. To me, those that supported the church’s view to eliminate the planted median strip were not really willing to compromise on a solution. They want to keep the arrangement as is with no changes. Those that supported the planted median strips, were willing to compromise by offering alternative parking solutions but keep the continuous planted medians. The church parking supporters poo-poo’d all of the suggested parking alternates. In the end, I believe that DDOT is going to further study the parking situation and present possible solutions.

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