Can Someone Explain Carpeted Stairs?


We have discussed the astroturf stairs before, which I kind of dig. But I found some proper carpeted stairs this weekend. These I can’t figure out for the life of me. I mean people are aware of the elements, yeah? Doesn’t the carpet get all mildewed after some rain? What’s the thought process here?

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  • The only think I can think of is that they wanted Astroturf but either it was too green, not available, or too expensive. But still, no I can’t explain.

  • i think it’s elegent

  • I don’t get it either.

    I also don’t get carpeted bathrooms, which, thankfully, I don’t really see in the city.

  • Its an odd tradition, possibly designed to improve traction as concrete stairs can get slippery, especially when icy. Its mostly elderly folks in my area that have carpet / astroturf on porches and stairs. Given the tumble I took down my icy stairs last year maybe I should do it…

  • almost as bad as cheese out of a can in my opinion

  • Well, in that case, I think you should get the extra thick padding 🙂

  • I knew people who thought carpetting and wallpapering their kitchen was a good idea. The fats quickly reduced everything to a skunky mess.

  • they did it years ago, in anticipation of the discussions that PooP would generate on his blog after taking a photo.

    this is dc, folks. there’s a reason behind every obfuscted architectural rhyme…

  • oops. meant to say “obfuscated”.

    damnit! eschew obfuscation!

  • I think carpet is disgusting anywhere. The process of producing carpet is terrible for the environment. Further, carpet significantly reduces indoor air quality.

  • Yeah, but it feels nice on bare feet. Well, probably not the mildewed outdoor stair carpet, but in general.

  • every jurisdiction has its-ah-unique ways.. like, you know, double parking on sundays..
    this is the stuff they dont put in the promo literature about dc

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