Cake Love Gets A Paint Job

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Looking good. And Love Cafe gets hooked up too. We’ve spoken about Cake Love before but are there any fans of Love Cafe out there?



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  • are there any fans of Love Cafe out there?

    The silence is truly deafening.

    It’s going to take a lot more than a new coat of paint to go back to Cakelove. Like maybe cupcakes that aren’t tasteless s**tcakes. $4 gets you a dozen Tasteecakes that have more flavor than what Cakelove’s peddling. $4 doesn’t even buy you one cupcake with anything resembling flavor at Cakelove.

    I’ll be really surprised if they’re still in business 18 months from now. Because in a recession, one of the first things to go is cupcakes. Particularly dry ones that don’t taste like anything.

  • But Love Cafe also has a breakfast and lunch menu that’s pretty decent, and a good cup of coffee, and free wifi. Also, while I’ve had better cupcakes, their other pastries and cake are good. It is a bit on the pricey side, but whenever I walk by there are always people in there on their laptops.

    And I think the new paint job is fresh.

  • This isn’t Love Cafe’s fault, but I get really annoyed with places where customers get a seat and figure that gives them a right to stay all day long. Sometimes I’d like to just sit with my pastry and coffee, eat it leisurely, and then move on with my day. But there are people who really consider it a home away from home, and are there with their laptops and college textbooks or whatever, and it’s a small place.

    I guess that’s just my fault for not being fast enough to get my own seat.

  • Coffee Shop owners cultivate the studiers/workers to camp out all day and really, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, from the owners standpoint, it’s better because that person is going to have several coffees and something to eat. Plus, that person is likely to come back again to study or work or just read a book/the paper/etc.

  • I challenge anyone to deny that when cakelove opened and Warren introduced his buzz bombs that they weren’t the greatest thing in DC bakeries.

    But that was a long time ago.

    And he hasn’t done anything new except raise prices.

    But when they opened, man oh man, they were the absolute greatest.

  • i don’t know neener, i went to cakelove when it first opened and it still sucked. expensive flavorless bleh.

  • Not good, unfortunately. Definitely way overhyped. Georgetown Cupcake is the best I’ve ever had. Blows anything I had up in NYC out of the water. But Cake Love? Unfortunately, not.

  • Cupcakes are overrated.

  • Not so overrated that there aren’t 4 new cupcake shops open in DC. I think this is a ridiculous trend – despite my nickname. I for one am a Cake Love fan. They are not tasteless – they taste like real ingredients like cream and butter and natural lemon. The tastes are more subtle. Their crunchy feet are awesome.

  • I remember reading an article about CakeLove where the owner was explaining how you are supposed to eat his baked goods. I’ve never been anywhere else where there were instructions on how to properly eat a cupcake.
    I am frankly surprised at how long he has been able to sustain his business considering the taste. He is pretty much trading on his popularity now mroe than anything.

  • overpriced, gritty, gross cupcakes. i dont care how long you let them “get to room temperature before serving”. someone got me a birthday cake last year from there. it was awful. i ate one bite of my own cake. and most everyone else avoided it. BLECH. cake hate.

  • I would TOTALLY patronize a place called “Cake Hate.”

    That, or “Piefu**ers.”

  • Bleck. I used to LOVE CakeLove, but the last three or four cupcakes I had from them tasted like s#$t, so no more for me.

  • Jeez, we just had a hazelnut/coffee cake from there for my wife’s birthday, and it was f**king amazing. Moist, seriously good coffee flavor, lots and lots of nuts in it… Never had a cupcake from there, but that cake was seriously great.

  • Cakelove is very overrated. The cake is usually too dry. I agree that Georgetown Cupcake is amazing. I hosted a birthday party and Georgetown Cupcake delivered…they were a huge hit.

  • I LOVE cake love. It’s dangerous. Best eclairs in the entire world. Best crunchy feet. so good. They have an interesting story too if you ever look into it.

  • Nate, popularity doesn’t pay the bills, so somebody must actually be shelling out some money for those pastries. I’ve had better, myself, but I don’t hate on them. Good for Warren for making a go of it. It’s not the cupcakes themselves I don’t like, it’s something about the frosting. It’s like, too buttery and thick or something? It’s hard to describe.

    Pauper, I know that people probably cultivate the sofa-sitters but I don’t think all those people buy food throughout the day. Maybe *some* of them do. But you would think that there’s also some business lost when people like me peek inside the door, and then move on because it’s packed so tight it’s like they’re giving away the food. It’s not that big a deal, just an annoyance. I can find other places to spend my money. I gotta check out Georgetown Cupcake!

  • the only reason to go there is if you want to tell your momma back home that “i had a shitty cupcake from that bakery run by that lawyer that was on Oprah.” the idea and timing was good, but the finished product has never lived up to expectations. dry, tasteless…sort of like sweetened stale bread.

  • Aside from nothing notable food, the service at Love Cafe is usually awful. I swear I waited 54 minutes for a salad there one day. Seriously. I gave it three tries because it’s local and convenient but the third strike means it’s out for me. Bad experience all around.

  • Hey Anon, don’t complain…it takes a long time to grow lettuce! 🙂

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