Bolted Front Gate – Worth The Effort?


Do you think having a lock on a small front gate like this is more trouble than it’s worth? It seems like a criminal could hop over it pretty easily but would be a real pain for you to open every time particularly if you had groceries… Sweet slate walkway though.

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  • Look, there are many arguments to be made over locks on gates like this. What if the only point was to make the menu delivery person stop delivering menus?

    I had a “No tresspassing” sign on my fence before I took it down. I saw someone on my porch when I got home from work and said, “What are you doing? The sign is posted No Tresspassing!” and the guy just stares at me shouting “Menus! Menus!” ok whatever, he can’t read. But could he understand a locked gate?

  • oh and by the way, he had also delivered a set of menus to my basement which is just my basement.

  • I think that if someone wants to deliver menus, they’ll find a way. Pretty awesome walkway though. considering mine looks awful, i can really appreciate nice walkways.

  • My guess is going to be that these folks may have small children….the lock would prevent them from wandering out into the street and while fences don’t make good babysitters, they are rascally little rabbits sometimes and get away from even the best parents.

  • The more locks the better, in my opinion. Guys in my area will casually open a gate and wander into a yard, using confidence to gain entry as we’d say in the business. If they have to climb over a (pointy) gate, that at least draws attention.

    My motto is, in DC, if its out in public, its public.

    I had my welcome mat stolen once. And a garden hose.

  • Well, the small locked fence may not prevent goons entering your house, but once they are inside and want to steal something, it may make their life harder when they try to take anything away (It could be a nice spectacle to see them try to pass that 40′ plasma TV over the fence and not break it).

  • Hopefully gentrification will take care of that pesky problem of undesirables.

  • Or a small caliber bullet to the back of the head! 😉

  • youdontknowme- Wow, the the fact that someone stole your welcome mat is sad. Perhaps you should invest in booby traps. Booty twaps, dats what I said… booty twaps.

  • Maybe glue it down and cover it in fire ants? Hmmmm…. I just always wondered where a basic black, very dirty, kinda cracked welcome mat was pawned. And for what? A quarter? I’m sure it made the guy sneeze or something, which is enough for me…

    I just picture a local crackhouse chock full of lawn gnomes, hoses, mats, mailbox numbers, etc. And the dealers sits atop the pile, tenting his fingers and mumbling ‘one day… one day…’

  • We had our welcome mat stolen, too. We got a new one and nailed it to the porch (crappy and part plywood so there was no love lost there). Which is sad, but works until we get the porch redone and don’t want to nail anything into it.

  • ok, like you know someone was stealing stuff off our porches about 10 years ago. stupid stuff. like they stole my neighbor’s coffee cup and then broke it into little pieces and decorated her stairs. It was the crazy daughter of one of our elderly residents. Remember that people will steal stuff because they’re crazy, not because they want your welcome mat.

  • Hey, I recognize that gate. It’s my house. The lock and gate came with the house when we bought it – I wouldn’t have installed it myself. It can be a pain in the ass sometimes, like when your neighbors want to drop by to say hello or when your guests close it unwittingly and then can’t leave without the key. And one of the menu guys has jumped it at least once to leave something in our door.

    On the plus side, no one rings our doorbell to ask if I have accepted their savior as my lord (a weekly occurrence at my previous house in Logan Circle) and it does add an (admittedly) small layer of security.

    I would have weeded had I known a picture of my house was going to be on the blog.

  • I’ve visited that house several times, prior to the new owner purchasing it. We used to watch a lot of “Bears vs Cubs” games if you know what I mean 😉 And yes, the home team ALWAYS elected to receive!

    If the lock is still on the gate, I wonder if the glory hole is still in the bathroom…

  • thanks, Josh. that probably explains those strange guys in collars and assless chaps fiddling with the locked gate at 2 am.

    BTW, Sam has just started disinfecting the bathroom…and the living room…and the kitchen…and the porch…

  • I’m not sure, but I think Josh is talkin’ ’bout sumpthin’ that President Palin will want to outlaw after she finishes with Russia.

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