Balconies Rock


I thought this was a pretty cool picture. For some reason I found it very peaceful. So for those in buildings – how important is it for you to have a balcony? For those purchasing condos, or renting new digs, is this a must have?

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  • I have a sliding glass door but no balcony…you can see where there once were balconies on my building, but no more…that sliding glass door mocks me every day.

  • A must-have for smokers. Otherwise, most apartment building balconies are too small to do anything with, though most apartment dwellers insist on putting eensie little tables out there and then never using them. I say invest in good window screens, and window boxes for aesthetics, and forget the balcony.

  • my friend who lives in a condo built in a converted hospital is indeed upset about the lack of a balcony every day. I suggested window boxes like EE said, but he only sneered.

    I would say balconies are great for romantic dinners with your date. If you’re by yourself, you’re not likely to pull out all the stops for a relaxing dinner (candlelight, vegetables).

  • I think having some outdoor space is important. I have actually two balconies (woo hoo!) in the condo I rent, but my building also has a fabulous roof deck which is invaluable.

  • My wife and I rent in Columbia Heights and don’t have a balcony. But when we purchase it is about #2 on the list after being a 1 bedroom + den…

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