Another Subtle Pop Up


I found another very subtle pop up being built on 11th Street. It’s a bit hard to tell from the photo but I like it because it doesn’t jump out at you from the street. My only question is on the size. How much room is actually being added by this pop up? Do you think it’ll provide an entire extra bedroom?

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  • Extra bedroom and access to a lovely roof deck, I’m sure.

  • if they brick it over (even if it’s just on the front), it’ll be practically invisible.

    excellent addition, in the wild world of pop-ups.

  • I’m not sure if that’s the one on 11th just south of Irving, but either way they have something curious about them… they have just one window that is centered looking directly at the back of the turret. Seems like they could get a lot more light and a better view by having the window(s) off center.

  • I just wonder when this thing is going to be done! I lived next door almost a year ago and they were still working on the renovation. Nobody’s lived there for years. I wonder who owns this? Theres a guy who kinda lives/squats/works there, but it’s really pretty slow going…

  • I was wrong, the popup on 11th just south of Irving (about three houses down on the East side) has lots of windows. The middle two still look at the back of the turret, but whatever. It’s still nice and subtle.

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