Another Bomb Scare At DCUSA Mall on Saturday Afternoon

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This is insane. What is this, like, the third one in a month (not including the stuffed polar bear.)? Unbelievable. I was walking back home around 3:30pm on Sat. and some other folks I spoke with said the building had been evacuated since around 2:30pm. This has got to be the most frustrating thing for the proprietors in the mall. But what can you do? If you get a bomb threat, you have to evacuate, yeah? If they ever catch these bastards I hope they get some serious jail time. So let’s speculate on who’s calling in the threats – dumb kids? folks opposed to the mall? serious terrorists?

How long do we think these threats are going to continue for?

I saw lots of red shirts all over the place, turned out they were target employees of course.


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  • I hope its just dump kids, but I have a nagging feeling that it could be CH/Petworth arm of the Anti-Gentrification-Front too… 😉

  • Could even be dumB kids…

  • Anti-Gentrification Front? WTF? It’s not really the threat that has me tourqued off, it is the fact that these people have not been caught. Isn’t a bomb threat the same as a threat of terrorism? Where is all this vaunted capability with the Feds and MPD? Seems to be MIA to me. What a joke.

  • Ah, those darn dump kids always playing tricks on us unsuspecting hood folks, cavorting atop their rusted-out truck chassis’s and sooo selfish with the goodies in the miscellaneous rubbish bin…

    Dumb kids, or people actin’ like dumb kids…

  • I found it strange that Best Buy had so much fewer employees than target. Not so much strange I guess. Surprising.

  • On Saturday I was going to meet some friends for lunch around 1:30 at Commonwealth and afterwards pick up a few things at Target so I drove and parked in the DCUSA parking garage.

    Big mistake!

    When DCUSA finally opened I gave up on going to Target since there was a big crush of people heading inside and just picked up my car and left. Of course DCUSA still charged me for the extra 2 hours of parking…nice PR guys!

  • Haha.. well, I am sure you could get it reimbursed if you bothered to spend a few hours writing letters, filling forms, on the phone etc. 😀

  • It’s not DCUSA’s fault that there was a bomb scare. You can’t blame them. It was just some bad luck. Why does everyone think they’re owed something?

  • Isn’t the usual motivation for these bomb threats shoplifting?

  • It could be worse. Has anyone been to Chinatown on a weekend nite? Absolutely awful. Menacing kids running around. People trying to have dinner at Zaytinya are treated to Cops in DC. Cops were on bike chasing kids up and down 9th St. The OBA bank ATM at 7th & G was so surrounded by young kids that it was too dangerous to use. So in that light, we should be happy that all that Col Hts is suffering from is bomb threats.

  • Yeah Chinatown is like something out of Clockwork Orange. I see lots of tourists with guidebooks from 2-3 years ago that obviously tout Chinatown as the new “place to be”. They look bewildered.

  • Yeah, those damn kids, always with the running around…get off my lawn!

  • It’s all fun and games until those damn kids hopped up from the Milk Bar kick your ass and take your iPod.

  • Im with you, i think its legitimate terrorists.

  • You know you are in an economic slowdown when Anti-Gentrifiers threaten the plebeian confines of Target.

  • i was just very annoyed, i was sick over the weekend and wanted to get some medicines from the target. yes, i could have gone to cvs, but there is NO PARKING any where close….

    … so freakin annoying to have a store that one cannot use.

  • It’s a great way for an employee to get a 2-hour paid break while pulling off a shoplifting scam.

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