Afghan Grill Gets New (To Me) Outdoor Seating Area and Where Can You Get Good Crepes in the City?


I seem to recall some folks recommended the Afghan Grill, located at 2309 Calvert Street in Woodley Park, as a great restaurant. I just noticed that they now have a nice outdoor eating area. We still have a few more weeks to take advantage of it.

I also noticed that there was a new (to me) cafe located next door. Has anyone checked out the Cafe De Paris located at 2311 Calvert Street. Are the crepes any good? Where can you get good crepes in the city?


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  • I had a good crepes at Eastern Market from a guy with a cart last winter. Went back recently and he was not there. Anyone else had these or know what happened to the guy?

  • The crepe guy travels around various markets – i’ve seen him at the Riverdale Park (MD) market on Thursdays, alongside that fresh doughnut guy.

  • My mom used to take me to Hot Shoppes on Saturdays back in da day just so she could eat their crepes. I loved them too, but then again, I was 5. What did I know? Anyway, thanks for triggering that memory, PoP.

  • The food at Afghan Grill is great, I highly recommend it. It’s one of those places I go with friends when I want a cozy meal in a nice atmosphere at a place that’s not a mob scene and we can actually have a conversation.

  • the crepe guy at EM is there every time i’ve been there (i live a few blocks away) most recently as of about 2 weeks ago. He always has a GIANT line and they’re really good. I’ve only done savory so I don’t know how the sweet ones are, but everyone seems please

  • great news for afghan grill. Not only is the food great but the owners are great too

  • Didn’t the Cafe de Paris use to be a used clothing or consignment store? I never went in, but I feel like they always had interesting things hanging in the window.

  • There’s a crepe place on P past Dupont that I always want to try but I’m never there when they’re open.

  • Bonaparte’s in upper G-Town has very good crepes.

    Also, the Chat Noir in Tenleytown has outstanding crepes

  • There’s a creperie on Thomas Jefferson in Georgetown (up the street from Baked and Wired) that I think is pretty good – I had a tasty lemon curd one a few weeks ago. I haven’t been to any of the others in town, though.

  • Le’Enfant Cafe in the corner of 18th and Florida Ave have great crepes. Mmmmm, nutella….

  • The place Kevin is talking about is Crepes-a-go-go and its amazing! The owner is super nice [and very french!]. It’s a small place but everything there is well priced and tasty…

  • The place on P Street near Dupont is called Crepes a go go and is amazing! They also have great gelato

  • Cafe de Paris, 2311 Calvert Street, actually does have excellent crepes. The owner makes an amazing banana nutella crepe. Check them out. They also have great organic snacks, juices and energy drinks. Quite unique!

  • crepe-away at 20th and L is great!

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