Adams Morgan Day Packed

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I don’t care what the haters say, I dig Adams Morgan Day. It’s just a nice feeling. There’s tons of food, music, drinks, art etc. So did anyone check it out? Good times? Better than last year/previous years? What’s your favorite part?

Norton rallied the crowd:


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Tons of food:

Cool art:


More music:

And of course, Karaoke:

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  • It was my first and it was great, however, what’s up with Madam Organ’s issue? They taped their jint and filled it with a boycott due to theft and corruption, I am not enlighted on this issue.

    El Puma

  • The story as I heard it is that the Adams Morgan business association that runs the day was taken over by a recently transplanted politically-active republican woman. This woman has a history of tangential involvement in bad or shady investment decisions, though she herself has not been sued for these incidents. Over all, though, she’s a divisive figure. Last year Madam’s Organ got fined about $4000 for their participation in the day that violated rules that were set forth by someone or some group she had the ability to… influence. I heard their barbecue grill was too big and supposedly the concept of “Too big” was something she either wanted or she should have fought to get rescinded as the leader of this business group. I also heard, from everyone, that any time anyone criticizes her for her specific failure to act ethically she falls back on repeating, “I have colon cancer, I can’t worry about X or Y.” Obviously the group needs someone to lead it who can worry about X and Y and falling back on cancer as an excuse is flaky at best and offensive to cancer survivors at worst.

    Since about 50% of the food vendors suck, I look back at the Adams-Morgan days of my relative youth, where we’d primarily eat at tables at the brick and mortar restaurants, as really nice events. If she’s alienating the restaurants then she needs to be replaced.

    However, it’s hardly the first time in the world the Madam’s Organ guy acted like a crank, so what else is new?

  • I thought things seemed a little slower this year — maybe the heat and the ‘Skins home opener kept the crowds down.

    Regarding Madams Organ, the intrepid Mark Fisher seems to have the scoop.

    “He [Madam’s Organ owner Bill Duggan] is protesting both the District’s increasingly tough regulation of street vending–he was ticketed and fined $4,000 last Adams Morgan Day because fire marshals said they will no longer permit the sidewalk grill from which Duggan has sold food at the festival for many years–and the leadership of the festival.

    The president of Adams Morgan Main Street, Lisa Duperier, is the cause of most of Duggan’s objections. Duperier actually agrees with Duggan that, as she puts it, “the city’s regulation is growing exponentially; it almost makes you want to stop doing the festival.”

    But that’s about all the two agree on. Duggan and a number of other Adams Morgan residents have grown concerned that Duperier’s past may make her an unsuitable person to run the neighborhood group, which organizes the street fair, promotes Adams Morgan businesses and seeks improvements to the streetscape.

    Duggan’s gripe about Duperier centers on a case that has led to a congressional investigation and a court action that is still unfolding in New York. A wealthy Texas chemicals entrepreneur, Virgil Waggoner, alleges in the New York state suit that a law partner of ex-New York mayor Rudy Giuliani schemed to steal $10 million from Waggoner in an investment scam.”

    Check the comments, as well.

  • Wow, that sounds fishy, and just a few miles away from the White House…I mean, this is the kind of things one sees in my beloved Latin Ameirca…

  • Lisa Duperier and Chuck Brazie are two of the biggest grifters to come along and it shocks me on a daily basis that a neighborhood of 16,000+ people continues to let it happen.

    No one denies that Duggan is a blowhard (even he doesn’t deny it) but he’s 100% correct to have concerns about Duperier overseeing Adams Morgan MainStreet and more importantly, it’s money.

  • i enjoyed watching the redskins win in hd while lying on the couch at home. oh wait that has nothing to do with adams morgan day but i bet i had a better time doing that than i would’ve down there. hail to the redskins!

  • The Adams Morgan Day Festival was really great, especially the Belmont Arts and the Dance Plaza. Liked the Columbia stage and then sat and ate at a sidewalk cafe. Because of the awful heat, people went in and out of the businesses in droves, and most of them were slammed — said they did terrific biz. Festival seemed well run and organized.

  • Just saw this. I live near 18th St, and Adams Morgan Day is much improved the last 5 years. Belmont Arts is top quality & varied; new Dance Plaza and kid’s activities very good, also that new jazz oasis in the park for those who want not to be in the crowds. As to this negative, personal crap, I’ve seen the same 3-4 people posting who use the same wording over and over, telling and retelling Madam’s Organ Duggan’s version. Also Fisher’s column shows he has often been a mouthpiece for whatever Duggan sends him. The reason for the improvements to the Festival is this so-called “recent transplant” who in actuality has lived in Adams Morgan for 20 years and was able to address directly & effectively the concerns raised by both biz and residents regarding the Festival.

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