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  • It’s unclear whether “available for use” equates to “available for public use.” The awesome track at Dunbar has this same sign, and I have never seen the track unlocked. Anyone know who’s in charge of these tracks? It would be great to get some track workouts in closer to home.

  • can u play soccer on the field?

  • we’ve been doing some pickup games there. email me at brian19 at gmail if you are interested.

  • You can use any of the DCPS outdoor facilities during the specified times (including Dunbar, the track is open, but you can only enter from New Jersey Ave, not from 1st Street). The problem is that the hours of operation are only from 6:45-8:30AM and 4PM-dark. Usually the field and track is being used by the school sports teams after school and the custodian locks the field once this is over. So it’s basically taken during the evenings for most of the year (football in fall, track in spring, passing league in summer). If you want to use it on weekends or for special events, you have to fill out a Building Use Agreement with the school principal and pay any fees or costs incurred (such as maintenance, lights, etc).

  • Anyone know much about the construction and public access to the track and field at Cardozo HS on 13th?

  • Has anyone used this track? I keep trying to go by and run there but the teams are usually practicing and i don’t think we’re allowed to use it while there is a practice going on. Also, PoP, do you have a picture of the whole sign and/or know where we can get the Building Use Agreement?

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